Elastomer Management in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Organisation profile

Induchem Group is a specialist engineering services provider, supplier, and manufacturer of process equipment for the global process industry.  We are an ISO 9001 registered, privately-owned family business which was established in 1982. Today, with over 35 years’ experience, we have earned a reputation as a reliable, responsible partner within the global process industry. We are focused on meeting our customer's need for quality by providing high performance solutions they can trust.

Training aim

This course is designed to educate reliability and process engineers in the management of elastomer assets used in production and production support systems.

Learning objectives

• The importance of maximimising elastomer lifetimes

• Correct elastomer material selection based on specific environmental and process exposures

• Frameworks for developing intelligence based mean time to failure rates for appropriate risk mitigation

• Identifying design, use, and maintenance related errors in process systems

• Overview of innovations in technology to remedy legacy elastomer issues

• Knowledge of accepted best practice for elastomer management in the industry

Course outline

This course is designed to introduce participants to the the criticality, and methodologies, of best-practice elastomer asset management in the biopharmaceutical industry. Elastomers are the weakest link in the integrity of the biopharma process chain, and with the compounding effects of legacy systems and system designs, increasing run-rates, multi-product environments, and ever stricter regulatory oversights, companies can no longer afford to treat elastomers as commodity items.

Trainer's profile

Dr. Darren McDonnell is a materials specialist who has worked nationally and internationally in manufacturing research roles in diverse sectors such as marine, automotive, and biomedical. Darren has also worked for several years in the biopharmaceutical sector for Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals on elastomer asset management solutions, working on novel methods to introduce sophisticated, compliant, data-led intelligence based maintenance methodologies for these critical assets. 

Course duration

2 hours

Assessment & certification

Each participant will be issued with a certificate upon course completion

Who should attend

Reliability engineers, process engineers, design engineers, maintenance schedulers, maintenance supervisors


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