Specialist Diploma in Lean Systems

Organisation profile

Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) at the University of Limerick delivers an extensive range of professional and personal development programmes across all disciplines in a flexible manner to balance work and learning.

Encompassing, ULearning CPE is an innovative connector of industry and academia, addressing individual and corporate skills gaps through professional flexible learning.  CPE offers a suite of programmes in areas such as Lean, Six Sigma, Technology Management, Science and Technology and Supply Chain Management with awards from NFQ levels 7-10

Courses are designed to meet the needs of working professionals by up-skilling through academic content and building on students existing skills and expertise. Many of our courses have been designed in collaboration with companies. These ties with business ensure that CPE can tailor courses to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that industry professionals are looking for. 

Training aim

To develop participants' process improvement skills leading to a Black Belt level in Lean and to enable companies gain a competitive advantage through the application of lean principles.

Learning objectives

To provide participants with a practical application of lean tools and techniques within their own organisations.

Course outline

4 taught modules - Lean Tools 1 & 2, Project Management & Finance, Leadership & Change Management - and a company based project which will realise savings of at least €50,000 for the participant organisation and which requires the practical application of the concepts covered in the course.

Trainer's profile

The course is taught by a combination of academic and industrial practitioners with experience in the theory and application of lean principes.

Course duration

1 year over 3 semesters

Assessment & certification

Assessment through a combination of examinations and projects/assignments. Postgraduate  NFQ Level 9  awarded by the University of Limerick

Who should attend

Managers, engineers, supervisors and technicians who have responsiblity for quality or continuous improvement within their organisations and those wishing to develop knowledge in Lean Systems.


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