Maths Tutorials

Maths Tutorials and Support Videos

We are commmited to improving the standard of mathematics performance at Junior and Leaving Certificate level. Our in-house and video maths tutorials are free of charge.

We currently provide tutorials in Cork, Dublin and Galway from September to May.

** Online registration for the 2013/14 maths lectures is now closed. **

About the Lecturers

A number of engineers deliver the tutorials in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

In Dublin, Tim Joyce is a Chartered Engineer and guest lecturer to final engineering students in both UCD and NUI Galway. “The tutorials focus on the real-life applicability of maths concepts, with the webcasting giving students flexibility as time pressures build up ahead of the exams in June," he says.

"Engineers have a good practical approach to things and have gained experience in using mathematics in their work. This should allow us remove, at least some of, the barriers that many students have by helping them understand the real value and applicability of the methods they are now learning. This may also allow them make the step from learning theory and methods to becoming adept at applying it to solve the problems presented in the exam. As a consequence, working through questions from past Leaving Certificates must form a big part of our effort. The focus will be to provide value-added sessions for students.”

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Roseanne O'Leary
Co-ordinator, STEPS Programme