Geoscience Ireland Award

Geoscience Ireland Award

Sponsored by Geoscience Ireland 

The Geoscience Ireland award recognises exceptional achievement in design and/or delivery of projects requiring significant geo-scientific expertise. For example, involving geological, geochemical, geophysical, geotechnical or hydrogeological studies or projects in the development of natural resources, infrastructure and water services preferably but not exclusively in international markets.
Collaboration among different organisations is common practice on projects in the geoscience field, therefore we welcome joint entries to this award.

Key Criteria

Please detail how your project fits the key criteria (each criterion 500 words maximum).

  • The use of sound engineering and scientific principles and practices
  • Originality and ingenuity of the solution
  • Actual or potential contribution of the work to the economy and/or relevant communities
  • Significance of the work as a benchmark of Irish geoscientific endeavour
  • Adherence to the budget, quality and programme

Also in your application, please include a 200 word executive summary.


Our judges are currently reviewing each entry in this category and we will announce the shortlist on Thursday, 5th October 2017.
Best of luck to each organisation in this category!