Clean Agent Fire Suppression Options in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

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Organisation profile

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Training aim

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to Clean Agent Fire Suppression technologies including the reason for using it, typical applications and factors to be considered.

Learning objectives

- To be able to identify applications where clean agents would be beneficial to use i.e. where business continuity is important or high value assets are to be protected.

- To understand key criteria to use when selecting a clean extinguishing agent fire suppression system.

Course outline

The Course runs through a number of topics to explain:

- How Clean Agent Fire suppression fits into the area of Active Fire Suppression, How it works and where it can be used.

- What Selection Factors should be considered when selecting a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System including Environmental Sustainability, Human Safety, Speed of Suppression and Space Efficiency.

- Case Studies demonstrating real life applications using a specific Clean Agent (Novec 1230)

Trainer's profile

Ian Kelsall, Advanced Specialist in Fire Suppression has a background in Chemistry and has spent 12 years working in the field of workplace health and safety and fire suppression products.

Course duration

Approximately 1 hour

Assessment & certification

Knowledge check at the end of the session and certificate of attendance provided

Who should attend

Fire Engineers, M&E Engineers, Facilities Managers, Architects, Datacentre Designers