Resilient Defence 285

Organisation profile

Resilient Defence is an Irish Security Consultancy service that offers Employee Cyber Security Training in addition to consultancy on Data Privacy, Cyber Security and Risk Management. With decades of experience under our belt, we focus on developing your teams cyber security behaviour which is the biggest risk for your business. All of our training is CPD accredited and our core objective is to close the gap between your cyber risk and your teams awareness and education.

Training aim

To describe what a Phishing attack is, the various types of Phishing attacks, the techniques employed and how best to prevent being phished.

Learning objectives

To educate the user on the dangers of Phishing schemes, the methods that cybercriminals will use to expose weakness in your online habits and good nature.

Course outline

Our Phishing training course is broken into 5 elements: 2 lessons, 2 knowledge checks and a final assessment. The pass rate for each knowledge check is 100% and the final assessment is 80% pass rate. A fully downloadable training manual is available and access to the course is granted for 6 weeks. Our training can be taken on any device on demand.

Trainer's profile

Our subject matter experts have over 20 years experience in the private sector and in the Irish Defence Forces. Their expertise includes Information Security, Digital Forensics, Counter intelligence, Incident Response, Information Security Management and ICT Team training. All are qualified with an MSc in Forensic Cyber Security.

Course duration

5 minute animation and 20 mins training manual

Assessment & certification

CPD Certificate in Phishing (Introduction to Phishing Awareness) (0.5 CPD points)

Who should attend

Businesses and employees that would like to become aware of the risk of a Phishing attack, to learn more about warning triggers and how best to protect their personal and professional data.

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