Secure Entrance Control - Security, Aesthetics, Part M & Bespoke Design

Organisation profile

We are an specialist provider of Pedestrian and Vehicle Automation Solutions in the areas of Turnstiles, Revolving Doors, Parking Systems and PAS68 Security Products. Founder in 1994 the company has always been at the forefront of bring cutting edge technology to the market to meet clients needs.

Training aim

To provide a clear understanding of how to design a secure entrance control system whilst taking into account Security, Aesthetics, Part M & Bespoke Design options that may be required.

Learning objectives

To provide an understanding of the product options and the key issues to consider when specifying entrance control

When comparing product options particular focus is given to the Part M compliance, aesthetics, security levels and ease of use

To assist the specifiers to understand system design

To explain the possibility of access control integration and 3rd party systems

Course outline

The course covers the various options availble when deisgning an entrance control system whilst helping to understand what products are best suited for differnent applications. It also ensures thatthe various 3rd party integrations avaible are taken into considertaion along with any bespoke deisgn requirements. 

Trainer's profile

Our traininer has been at the forefront of designing and implementing entry control systems for over a decade

Course duration

1.5 Hours

Who should attend

Engineers and Consultants who are involved in the specification, installation and design where there is a requirment to securly control the entrance


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