Layers of Light Approach to Lighting Design

Organisation profile

W.TWO is an Irish based architectural lighting design consultancy. W.TWO Lighting Design provides a quality lighting design service which balances a creative and innovative approach to lighting design with the practical considerations of maintenance and sustainability. We provide unrivalled services in Ireland which range from artificial lighting design for both exterior and interior projects to daylight analysis, lighting master planning and environmental impact reports.

Training aim

To introduce the layers of light concept. To work through with the participants the thought process involved in the design of typical lighting scheme using this concept.

Learning objectives

  • To gain an understanding of the many type of lighting used in lighting schemes and to be able to prioritise and apply these depending on the type of installation. To gain the knowledge of how to use accent lighting to focus views and aid wayfinding as well as to accentuate architecture.
  • To be able to build and structure a lighting scheme using the layers of light approach.
  • To understand the important parameters in the delivery of a lighting design.

Course outline

Firstly, the layers of light conept is introduced and the layers of task, ambient, decorative and accent are explained. It is shown how these are prioritised and applied for different lighting installations. Accent lighting and how this can be used for both wayfinding or highlighting architecture is dealt with. Then the design of a typical lighting scheme (retail installation) is worked through using the layers of light approach, introduced in the first part of the presentation.

Trainer's profile

Willie Duggan the director of W.TWO comes from a building services engineering background, a profession in which he earned his engineering chartership in 2007. Willie honed his skills as a lighting designer through a number of years working in London with GIA Equation.During that time he completed a masters in Light and Lighting at University College London. He was highly commended for his re-design of Tower Bridge London in 2009.

Course duration

1 hour

Assessment & certification

The presentation will finish with a questions and answers session. There is no formal assessment. Certification will be available on request.

Who should attend

Engineers of all levels and experience.


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