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DUBLIN: CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering (NQF Level 9, 5 ECTS)

  • Date(s)
    Monday 9th October 2017 - Friday 9th March, 2017
  • Time(s)
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Venue
    Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland
  • Fee

    Members: €1550* 
    *Includes DIT registration fee for ECTS credits
    The total cost of attending these module components individually would normally be €1,800.

    For further infomation or to book offline contact the Programme Coordinator, Simon Purdue ( +353 1 665 1326) 

  • CPD Credit
    42 hours   C4

Programme Overview

The transition from University or college life to the world of work requires substantial application and attention. This stand-alone Level 9 CPD Certificate programme (which is accredited by DIT) has been specifically designed in partnership with leading employers to allow recent graduates (up to 12 months out) to get to grips quicker with the professional standards expected of those working in engineering-led teams and organisations. 

Participants will understand what is expected of them, how they should behave and what they can do to accelerate their professional development and career prospects.

Programme Structure

The CPD Certificate programme equates to one DIT module and is delivered on a part-time basis comprising six mandatory module components, approximately one weekday per month, for six months. Each module component is supplemented by pre & post component assignments and learning contract agreements. 

All module components are 9am-5pm and will take place in Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Module Component Component Date
Essential Skills of a Future Professional 9 October, 2017
Time Management & Organisational Skills 10 November 2017
Communication & Presentation Skills 5 December, 2017
Technical Report Writing 19 January, 2018
An Introduction to Project Management 16 February, 2018
Innovations in Excel for Engineers 9 March, 2018

Programme Features

The unique teaching and learning methodologies that are used during the CPD Certificate programme include:

  • Access to EBSCO - The world's leading academic research portal providing tens of thousands of cutting edge print and e-journals, research databases, e-books and more
  • Online Learning Management System - Engineers Ireland’s virtual learning environment allows self-paced learning with particular emphasis on materials which can prime participants to get the most from the classroom sessions and then provide exercises, materials and recommended readings after formal class time.
  • Expert Tutors - all tutors have been selected for their industry expertise, their acknowledged contribution to the profession of engineering and/or their unique knowledge at the forefront of a chosen field.
  • Workplace Mentoring - each student is supported by a workplace mentor to guide and optimise their learning.
  • Team-Based Learning - a dozen or more engineers from different organisations of different sizes from different sectors will take part in each class.
  • Learning Contract Agreements - these are used to ensure the transfer of learning from each module component to the workplace in a manner that allows for a measurable and verifiable improvement in competence.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require more information please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Coordinator, Simon Purdue:

Phone: +353 1 665 1326

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9 October 2017

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CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering - (Level 9 - 5 ECTS):

LIMERICK - 10th November, 2017


“We have found the CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering is an excellent way of assisting our graduates to transition and tune their skills into becoming a professional engineer. The course prepares them for the ‘real’ working environment and gives them confidence to perform to their best as their career develops with us.” Edmond McDonnell, HR Manager, Irish Cement Limited
“The CPD Certificate and CPD Diploma in Professional Engineering play an important part in building on an engineering education and assimilating young graduates into the work phase of their careers and onwards towards Chartered Engineer status. Many practical and personal skills are delivered by expert tutors and through team assignments with demonstrated workplace application. This ensures participants can make an early impact in their chosen field, career and organisation.” Michael Loughnane MIEI, Manager, Senior Leadership Development, Group People & Sustainability, ESB


“I found the CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering to be very beneficial. From my participation in this programme, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in aspects that can improve my day to day work, accelerate my professional development and improve my career prospects. I would highly recommend the CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering to fellow engineers.” Declan Gavigan MIEI, Research & Development Programme Manager, OpenHydro Technology Limited
“I have completed both the CPD Certificate and CPD Diploma in Professional Engineering and I would highly recommend both programmes to engineering graduates. The CPD Certificate helped my transition from college to the world of work and gave me a deeper understanding of the required approach and behaviours of a new recruit designed in tandem to meet my employer’s needs. The CPD Diploma made me realise that the academic education given in college was just the beginning, and that career-relevant continuing professional education is critical for career development." Bernadette McManamon MIEI, Junior Civil Engineer, Corrib Gas Project
“I would absolutely recommend the CPD Certificate in Engineering to other graduates. It helped me immensely in my transition from college to a working environment. I learned many lessons from the programme which lay a fantastic foundation for my work ethic and work standards.” Felix Finke MIEI, Graduate Assistant Project Manager, National Development Finance Agency