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The Engineers Ireland Electrical division is for engineers with an interest in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics.

The division has links with other professional associations and organisations such as the Conseil International des Grand Reseaux Electriques (CIGRÉ) and NSAI’s Electro-technical committee under the direction of the CRU.

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Irish engineering leads the way in the agri-food sector

  Irish engineering company Dairymaster has been basking in the spotlight in recent months. Not only did CEO Dr Edmond Harty win the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2012, but he also represented Ireland at the next stage of the competition in Monte Carlo last month – the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Harty, who is also technical director of Dairymaster, won the Irish title last year after beating 24 other candidates on the shortlist, which ...

New technology helps solve the mystery of the off-beat heart

Modern medicine has come a long way, but the mere thought of having a heart defect can still rattle us. The heart is a human body's engine room. Each time its beat propels blood through our bodies, it is a reassuring affirmation of our existence. Unfortunately, for far too many people suffering from electrical heart disease, that beat can sound like a countdown towards the end. Or even worse, in the case of sudden cardiac death (SCD), the end can come unexpectedly. Children with genetic ...

New research set to 'scrub' carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel emissions

Many researchers around the world are seeking ways to ‘scrub’ carbon dioxide (CO2) from the emissions of fossil-fuel power plants as a way of curbing the gas that is considered most responsible for global climate change. But most such systems rely on complex plumbing to divert the steam used to drive the turbines that generate power in these plants, and such systems are not practical as retrofits to existing plants. Now, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ...

Irish swimming embraces master stroke of biomedical engineering

  Author: Robert Mooney, PhD student, Bioelectronics Research Cluster, National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science, National University of Ireland Galway Technical evaluation of human performance is an essential part in the preparation of elite athletes. Novel methods of analysis, incorporating body-worn inertial sensors, have received much attention recently within both research and commercial communities – and rapid expansion of this marketplace has led to many new prototype ...

Waste not, want not – Ireland's newest renewable-energy source

  John Ahern, managing director of Indaver, is speaking at Engineers Ireland's 2013 Annual Conference, entitled 'Building Ireland's Business Networks', on Thursday, 6 June at Dublin's Ballsbridge Hotel This year marks the second year of operation of Ireland’s first waste-to-energy (WTE) facility in Co Meath. The facility took over two-and-a-half years to complete, at a cost of €140 million – representing the largest ever single investment in solid waste management infrastructure in ...

Increase your profit margins with smarter energy purchasing

Within the industrial and commercial sector, energy is widely considered to be a top-three spend, along with labour and materials. Of the three mentioned spends, energy is the most volatile, with prices fluctuating up to 100% in recent years. Such swings in price are forcing businesses to consider new and innovative ways of controlling and managing their energy spend. Ireland Inc is back on the pathway to becoming a more sustainable economy; likewise, Irish businesses are increasing their ...


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