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The Engineers Ireland Electrical division is for engineers with an interest in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics.

The division has links with other professional associations and organisations such as the Conseil International des Grand Reseaux Electriques (CIGRÉ) and NSAI’s Electro-technical committee under the direction of the CRU.

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Electrical in the Engineers Journal

Overview of new 'National Rules for Electrical Installations' – Irish Standard: IS 10101:2020'

After more than 12 years in use, the National Rules for Electrical Installations ET101:2008 have been replaced with the new NSAI publication IS 10101:2020, writes Brendan Dervan.

My engineering life Q&A: Marguerite Sayers

From a love of LEGO® to attending a STEPS talk while in fifth year, Marguerite Sayers has known from an early age that she wanted to be an engineer. In an interview with the Engineers Journal, she offers insights on climate change, provides tips and career advice to the next generation, and enthuses about electric vehicles, Chamonix cable cars, Hollywood icon and inventor Hedy Lamarr and Wonder Woman.

What it’s like… to be on the Executive Board

Once a fortnight our ‘What It’s Like…’ Series will interview a member of one of the governance boards, highlighting their work, their role in the Engineers Ireland community and advice for members interested in becoming involved. This week’s interview is with Amanda-Jane Gainford, a member of the Executive Board 2019-2020.

Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip

The design could advance the development of small, portable AI devices. Engineers have designed a 'brain-on-a-chip', smaller than a piece of confetti, that is made from tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses known as memristors silicon-based components that mimic the information-transmitting synapses in the human brain.

Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power

Device for harnessing terahertz radiation might enable self-powering implants, mobile phones and other portable electronics.

New electrode design may lead to more powerful batteries

An MIT team has devised a lithium metal anode that could improve the longevity and energy density of future batteries.


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