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The Engineers Ireland Electrical division is for engineers with an interest in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics.

The division has links with other professional associations and organisations such as the Conseil International des Grand Reseaux Electriques (CIGRÉ) and NSAI’s Electro-technical committee under the direction of the CRU.

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Engineering with UNIFIL on Lebanon’s Blue Line

In 2016, the Defence Forces’ Captain Eoghan Carton project-managed the changeover of combat engineering, infrastructure and utilities support for the Irish-Finnish Joint Battalion in Lebanon. Captain Carton won Engineers Ireland’s 2017 Chartered Engineer of the Year Award in November 2017 for the project: 'Lead Nation Changeover 2016: The changeover of combat engineering, infrastructure and utilities support from Finland to Ireland in UNIFIL'. UNIFIL is the United Nations Interim Force ...

Advanced anaerobic digestion in Ireland: An analysis

Matt Smyth looks at the opportunity for advanced anaerobic digestion in Ireland, which, followed by reuse of the residual biosolids on land has been evaluated to be the most sustainable solution for wastewater sludge treatment and disposal. Current and future picture for anaerobic digestion (AD) and advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) There are 14 wastewater treatment plants in Ireland with anaerobic digestion (AD) currently in operation. In 2014, these processed more than 50 per cent ...

Storm Ophelia (Part II): Planning for and managing the impact on the distribution network

How did ESB Networks, the country's distribution system operator (DSO) — for an island system that has a predominately overhead distribution network — plan for a major storm making landfall on the island? What lessons from the planning and restoration phases can be applied to other distribution system operators for future major weather events? Part I of this two-part series, 'Weathering the Storm - Part I' is republished here. Key insights • A Storm Emergency Management Team (SEMT) with ...

Engineers turn plastic insulator into heat conductor

Plastics are excellent insulators, meaning they can efficiently trap heat - a quality that can be an advantage in something like a coffee cup sleeve. But this insulating property is less desirable in products such as plastic casings for laptops and mobile phones, which can overheat, in part because the coverings trap the heat that the devices produce. Now a team of engineers at MIT has developed a polymer thermal conductor - a plastic material that, however counterintuitively, works as a ...

Weathering the storm (Part I): A report on the impact of Storm Ophelia on Ireland's transmission system

On the island, EirGrid Group is responsible for the operation of the 400kV, 275kV, 220kV, and 110kV networks. The all-island peak system demand is 6,878 MW. Approximately 4,000 MW of installed wind generation capacity is connected to the transmission and distribution systems in the republic and the north. The National Control Centres (NCC) are located in Dublin and Belfast. Part II of this two-part series - the ESB Networks side of the story, 'Storm Ophelia - Part II', ...

How a thermal resonator takes advantage of swings in temperature to produce electricity

Thermoelectric devices, which can generate power when one side of the device is a different temperature from the other, have been the subject of much research in recent years. Now, a team at MIT has come up with a novel way to convert temperature fluctuations into electrical power. Instead of requiring two different temperature inputs at the same time, the new system takes advantae of the swings in ambient temperature that occur during the day-night cycle. No requirement for power ...

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