Call for Abstracts: ECSMGE Reykjavik Iceland 2019

Call for Abstracts: ECSMGE Reykjavik Iceland 2019

15 March 2018 at 11:34

Abstract submission

The XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Reykjavik Iceland from 1st-6th September 2019. The ECSMGE are calling for submissions demonstrating scientific advancement, technical innovation, challenges and management of geotechnical engineering projects. Submissions will be welcomed from authors from various fields and at various career stages.
Geotechnical engineering covers a wide ground, including structures and infrastructures, environmental, social and economic sustainability, preservation, natural landscape, geo-energy and, last but not least, effective measures for the mitigation of natural geo-hazards through the use of geotechnical engineering knowledge, tools and skills.

Themes for abstracts and papers

The main topics are divided in following six main categories and 22 subcategories:
A:    Modelling and experimental assessment of geomaterials
B:    Geotechnical construction and soil improvement
C:    Geohazards, earthquakes and mitigation
​D:    Environment, water and energy
E:    Historical heritage preservation​​
​F:    Special and specific Issues
More information can be found here.

Procedure for submission of abstracts and papers

Abstract submission will be open from January 15th until  April 15th 2018.  There will be no limitation on numbers of submitted abstracts from the National Societies.  All abstracts (and later papers) must be submitted through the conference website by the corresponding author for each paper. Following submission the COC will forward all abstracts and later papers to the Scientific Committee (SciC) national members. Information on the submission and reviews of abstracts can be found here.

Further information are on following links:  European Regional  TC  and  International TC