CIGRECIGRÉ (International Council on Large Electric Systems) is a permanent non-governmental and non profit-making International Association.  It was founded in 1921 and aims to:

  • Facilitate and develop the exchange of engineering knowledge and information between engineering personnel and technical specialists in all countries with regard to generation and high voltage transmission of electricity.
  • Add value to the knowledge and information exchanged by synthesising state-of-the-art and world practices.
  • Make managers, decision-makers and regulators aware of the synthesis of CIGRÉ's work, in the area of electric power.

Issues related to the planning and operation of power systems, as well as the design, construction, maintenance and disposal of HV equipment and plants are at the core of CIGRÉ's Mission.  Problems related to protection of electrical systems, to telecontrol and telecommunication equipment, are also part of CIGRÉ's area of concern.

CIGRÉ aims to be recognised as the leading worldwide organisation on electric power systems, covering their technical, economic, environmental, organisational and regulatory aspects.

Technical work of CIGRÉ

The Technical Committee (TC) of CIGRÉ controls the work which is carried out within 16 Study Committees.  The Study Committees develop Terms of Reference for each element of work and then set up a Working Group to undertake the specified work activity.  The members of the Working Groups are experts in the particular area of activity.  The output is generally in the form of a Report or Technical Brochure which is made available to all members through the CIGRE on-line database (  Another area of activity for the Study Committees is to assist in the organisation of Biennial Plenary Sessions and the selection of the Preferential Subjects to be discussed during these sessions.

Membership of these Study Committees (which include 24 members each) consists of well known experts, who are nominated by the Governing Bodies of CIGRÉ for a period of 6 years.  Their term of office may be renewed for two-year period.

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