Irish Life and Lore


Archive Engineering Project

An archive of oral history recordings involving 17 engineers (20 recordings) was launched on 29 April 2019 by broadcaster and engineer, Pat Kenny at 22 Clyde Road, Dublin 4.

Undertaken by Irish Life and Lore, the recordings were commissioned by the Irish Academy of Engineering, Engineers Ireland and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland  and includes the following engineers: 

  • Finbar Callanan BE MA(hc), EurIng CEng, FIAE, FIEI, FIEAust
  • Liam Connellan BE(Mech and Elec), FIEI, FIAE, Euring
  • Gordon Millington Hon.DSc(Eng), BSc, FIAE, FIEI, FICE, Hon FICE, FIStructE, FIHT
  • Michael Hayden B.E, MIE, C.Eng, FIEI
  • John Lombard BScEng, DipPrjMgt, CEng, FIStructE, FIEI, FConsEI
  • Patrick Cassidy BE, DAL, Eur Ing, CEng, FIEI, MCIWEM, MCIArb, FConsEI
  • Frank McGrath B.E.(Hons), C.Eng, ACEI, FIEI, MICE, MIMunE.MIWE
  • Padraig A O hEocha BE, CEng, FIAE, FIEI, FICE
  • Patrick Lynch B.E, CEng, FIEI, MS, MIE, FIAE
  • John Kelly B.E., Chemical PhD
  • Eamon O’Brien Chartered Engineer, CEng, FIEI, FCIBSE, FConsEI, FASHRAE
  • Jerry Grant Chartered Engineer, FIEI, FIAE, MIArb
  • Jane Grimson B.A, B.A.I., M.Sc, PhD. C.Eng, Euring, FIEI, FREng, FICS, MRIA, LL.D.(h.c.)
  • Tony Barry B.E, C.Eng Hon, FIEI, FIAE, MICE (ret’d)
  • Frank McCabe B.E., M.S.
  • Michael Malone Commodore (NS) Chartered Engineer, FIEI, FI MarEST, MI FireE.
  • Dervilla Mitchell B.E, FREng, FIEI, FICE

To download each individual recording (one hour interviews approximately) please access the Irish Life and Lore website: