CPD Employer of the Year

2016 Employer of the Year Award

The CPD Team has recently conducted a review of the CPD Employer of the Year Excellence Award. In the interest of augmenting the sustainability of this award as it enters its thirteenth year and enabling an opportunity for all CPD Accredited Employers to avail of this prestigious award we will have a different ‘path’ to the Award every second year.

In 2016 the winner will be chosen by the CPD Team, based on observing a good CPD initiative against one or more of the seven criteria of the CPD Standard through audit or mid-point review. The CPD Team will be looking at all audits and mid-point reviews that have taken place between June 2015 and September 2016. This will allow all accredited employers the opportunity to be considered by the team.

In 2017, we will run the competition as we did previously. The CPD Employer of the Year Excellence Award remains in place every year – we will simply alternate the route to same every second year.

We are confident that, thirteen years into this competition, this initiative will augment the sustainability and success of this important Award.

KCI Manufacturing wins the 2015 CPD Employer of the Year Excellence Award

CPD Employer of the Year Award Winner KCI Manufacturing


Niamh Shaw (Host of the awards), Tom Kelly (Head of Manufacturing, Global Sourcing and Competitive Division, Enterprise Ireland.), Kevin Finnegan (Site Director, KCI Manufacturing), Tommy Fanning (Head of Biopharmaceuticals & Food, IDA Ireland) Caroline Spillane (Director General, Engineers Ireland).


Contact Dee, Eoin or Kelly by phone 01 665 1305 or email cpdemployers@engineersireland.ie