Technician Career Development

Technician Career Development

Engineers Ireland is always looking to improve and evolve its training and CPD offerings. Engineers Ireland offers training to engineers at all career stages and has identified training and development for technicians as an area it can develop further.

Candidates with a level 6 qualification will be eligible to apply for Technician Membership TechIEI. Apply now or read more about routes to membership.

The Engineering Technician is competent to apply in a responsible manner proven techniques which are commonly understood by those who are expert in a branch of engineering, or those techniques specialy prescribed by professional engineers. He / She workss under guidance within their allocated responsibility.

Training and development opportunities for Technicians and Engineering Technicians will be aligned with and designed to complement and develop the five competences required of an Engineering Technician, which are as follows:

T1: Exercise technical judgement at an appropriate level.

T2: Contribute to the design, development, manufacture, commissioning, operation and maintenance of products, equipment, processes and services.

T3: Use effective communication and interpersonal skills.

T4: Accept and exercise personal and professional responsibility.

T5: Create and apply safe working practices.

Fast Track Series for Technicians

Through collaboration with leading employers, Engineers Ireland is now delighted to offer a convenient part-time programme, Fast Track Series, that has been designed to allow technical staff, with apprentice and craftsperson skills, to develop a range of non-technical skills which are vital for career advancement.

The desired outcome of the programme is that participating technicians will perform at their best in the workplace, gaining both an understanding of professional engineering standards and confidence about their career.

Participants who complete the programme are awarded a CPD Cerificate in Professional Skills (NFQ Level 6, 5 ECTS). The programme is also recognised as certifiable CPD in accoradance with Engineers Ireland CPD guidelines.

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