Fire Resistance in Steel Structures

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Training aim

The aim is to educate all participants on fire resistance in steel structures.

Learning objectives

This course will provide a systematic introduction to fire safety design of steel and composite structures, based on Part 1.2 (fire safety) of Eurocodes 1, 3 and 4.

The main emphasis of this course is on understanding the fundamental principles to help the learner to confidently build up their knowledge in this specialist subject. Examples and practical applications will be presented to illustrate detailed design calculations and importance of structural fire engineering. 

Course outline

1. Basics of fire resistance design: requirements, general procedure, material properties, loads
2. Design fires and steel structure temperature calculations
3. Fire resistance design of steel and composite elements to Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 4 Part 1.2
4. Fire protection methods for steel structures
5. Application of fire engineering to steel structures: tensile membrane action, concrete filled tubes and whole building behaviour

6. Post fire assessment methods for steel structures     

Trainer's profile

Yong Wang is Professor and Head of Structural and Fire Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is a member of the British Standards Institution committee BS/525/-/32 on fire safety of structures and BSI committee BS/525/4 on composite structures. He is a member of the CEN Project Team SC4.T4 (developing a new method for fire resistance design of concrete filled tubular columns), and Project Team SC3.T6 (revision of Eurocode 3 Part 1.2, fire safety design of steel structures).

Course duration

10:00 to 17:00

Assessment & certification

Upon completion of the course delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Who should attend

This course will focus on structural fire design considerations for steel structures, and any fire or structural engineers looking to improve their understanding of this area should attend.