Understanding Grease Trap and Interceptor Systems

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Organisation profile

ProViro Grease Management Ltd is in Business since 1989
ProViro were the first suppliers of automatic grease traps in Ireland
Over the last 25 years ProViro have become one of the leading grease trap suppliers in Europe

In 1989 ProViro caused the Golden Pages to establish a new category descriptor - Grease Traps

Training aim

To give engineers information on current grease management technology and innovation

Learning objectives

Local Authority Bylaw, each food establishment must know and comply with the local authority.
Overview of fat oils and grease generated in a typical commercial kitchen.
Pointing out main grease generators, Different types of grease traps on world market.
Properly sizing for automatic grease traps and passive traps.
Point source grease trap sizing upon calculation of effluent flowing.
Instillation considerations and venting.

Training and demonstrating proper maintenance procedures.

Course outline

Fats Oils and Grease
Typical Grease Generators
Types of Grease Traps Available on the World Market
Proper Sizing of Grease Traps
Job Sites
Maintenance Training

Local Authority Requirements 

Trainer's profile

Seamus Murray has 25 years experience providing grease trap solutions worldwide
On-site training at manufacturing facilities in Northern Ireland, France and USA
Hands-on experience in installation of grease traps.
Extensive experience and training in the service and maintenance of all types of grease traps.

Mentored many engineers on various projects.

Course duration

45 minutes to 1 hour depending on Q & A

Assessment & certification

Assessment and notice of attendance provided on request 

Who should attend

Engineers & Colleagues
Environmental Consultants
Local Authority in Pollution Control