Engineers Ireland forum - terms and conditions

This forum aims to provide a friendly, professional and safe environment for the Engineers Ireland community.

This is a platform for members to engage with each other to discuss engineering topics.

All users will be required to read and follow the moderation policy and comply with the code of conduct.

Code of conduct

  • No swearing or offensive language
  • No abusive comments
  • Do not use forum for commercial use, no posts prompting own website, company or product
  • No trolling
  • Do not post personal information or information on anyone else
  • Members shall not divulge any confidential information regarding the business affairs, technical processes or financial standing of their clients or employers without their consent. They shall not divulge, without permission, any unpublished information obtained by them as members of an investigating commission or advisory board
  • While it is anticipated that debate of ideas and opinions may occur, civility and respect in discourse should be maintained at all times. While users should expect to have their ideas challenged, personal attacks such as denigration of another person’s character or value have no place in such discussions.
  • Any posts which are defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, offensive on the grounds of religion, nationality or demographic group will be deleted and the user will be banned from the discussion forum. Other disciplinary action may be taken as outlined in the Engineers Ireland Code of Ethics.


  • Keep posts relevant to the topic
  • Be respectful to others opinions
  • Be constructive without being disagreeing
  • Members shall behave with integrity and objectivity at all times


  • Complaints can be made in the complaints section found here
  • Members found to be in breach of the code of conduct may be banned from the forum

Forum is not for:

  • The discussion forum is not the place to discuss your Engineers Ireland membership account. If you have queries, please contact the Membership team on 01 665 1334 or
  • Job postings from external organisations will be deleted. If you wish to advertise a job with Engineers Ireland please email or phone +353 1 6651300.