Introduction to Public Speaking & Presenting

Presenting our ideas, convincing, and informing an audience are all important skills for a professional engineer, and being able to do these effectively is a highly valued and sought-after skill. Many people suffer from fears of public speaking, fears which hold people back in developing these skills effectively. This webinar will discuss this topic, give advice and tips on how to gain confidence and improve presentation and public speaking skills.

Course Overview

Developing and mastering the skill of public speaking can have major benefits for your career, giving you the confidence to express yourself coherently whether it be in front of a large audience or just one or two people. Effective communication makes you appear professional and competent.

This webinar will introduce and discuss the typical obstacles that hold professionals back from presenting and speaking in public effectively. It will discuss the reasons why people are so fearful, pointers on how to gain confidence, tips to improve your presentation and how you can use body language and charisma to communicate effectively.

Trainer Profile

Stephen Harper is a Lecturer at Technological University Dublin, Trainer in Public Speaking and Presenting and a good standing Member of Toastmasters International. Stephen spent most of his professional civil engineering career shying away from any kind of public speaking until confronting his fear. He understands very well the obstacles that come with being fearful of public speaking and very passionate about empowering others to overcome their blocks. 

Competencies 4 Communication and interpersonal skills

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Introduction to Public Speaking & Presenting

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