Managing Conflicts in the Workplace


Conflict seems to always have a negative connotation, sometimes this is justified … but not always!

It’s vital to understand the difference between Constructive & Destructive Conflict and use this insight to assist in proactively addressing it in a considered appropriate manner. 

This session will provide food for thought and practical processes to help empower individuals to address existing unacceptable situations which they have tolerated to date or avoided.

It will also explore reframing scenarios to avail of the positive intentions and opportunities at play.

Topics Covered will include:

  • Understanding the different types and drivers of Conflict.
  • Personal styles and reactions to dealing with Conflictual difficult situations.
  • Tips and techniques for dealing with Conflict within your Team and within your Organisation.
  • Step by step approach for dealing with difficult combative individuals. 
  • Being Assertive … Calibrating your personal response and appropriate interaction during conflictual episodes.     
  • Opportunity for Q&A

Speaker's profile

Phil Kildea is a trainer, business mentor and executive coach with over 20 years training experience. He works with clients from a broad range of industries in the private and public sectors. He specialises in Negotiation & Selling Skills, Management Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Personal Development and Customer Care.

 Phil has a very energetic, participative delivery style, and proactively encourages the best from his course participants. He has been successfully delivering Negotiations Skills training on behalf of Engineers Ireland since 2007 helping Engineers to develop and enhance their skills in what is an essential key competence.

 He has several qualifications including a Masters of Business Administration Bachelor of Business Studies (1st Class Hons), a Graduateship in Marketing from MII, a National Diploma in Personnel Management, Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching and Certificates in Training and Continuing Education. Phil is a certified NLPmaster practitioner. He also lectures part time in Business Policy for the Institute of Public Administration.

CPD Competencies

C4. Communication and interpersonal skills

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Managing Conflicts in the Workplace

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