Operation and Management of High Voltage Installations


1-day course

CPD Credit: 7 hours, C1 / C2

Course Overview

This course aims to provide participants with an understanding of Best Practice in managing High Voltage Installations in accordance with Irish Legislation and Standards.

Learning Objectives

To explain compliance with:

  • SHAWW Act 2005 
  • SHAWW (General Application) Regulations 2007 (SI299) Part 3 Electricity
  • SHAWW (Construction) Regulations 2013
  • ISEN 50110
  • SR 61936 (ISEN 61936)

To understand:

  • the requirement that HV installations have been designed, constructed and tested in accordance with applicable legislation and standards.
  • Roles and Responsibilities for management and operation of HV installations
  • Competence requirements for Authorised Persons
  • Assessing the competence of contractors and individuals
  • Management of the HV installation and Rules
  • Electrical Risk Management and Hazard identification.
  • Planning HV works
  • the importance of maintenance
  • the importance of training and O&M documentation

Course Outline

The course is set out in 8 modules:

  1. Legal requirements and duties 
  2. Electrical Risk and Hazards
  3. Design, Installation & Commissioning 
  4. Roles & Responsibilities 
  5. Organisation & Rules 
  6. Operational & Working Procedures
  7. Maintenance
  8. Competence & Training

Who Should Attend?

  • Asset Owners & Managers, Facilities Managers, Consultants and Contractors involved in design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation of HV installations.
  • Engineers, Technicians, Safety Professionals and Graduates.

Trainer Profiles

Padraig Plunkett is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with 35 years varied international experience in HV Power Systems and Transformers. Padraig is a member of various technical and safety committees including:

  • NSAI/ETC/TC 03: S.R. 61936/ISEN 61936 Power installations exceeding 1kV (1.5kVdc) & ISEN 50110 Operation of electrical installations
  • IEC TC99/MT4: IEC 61936 Power installations exceeding 1kV (1.5kV dc)
  • CENELEC CLC / BTTF 62-3 BTTF 62-3 EN 50110 Operation of electrical installations

Mick O’Grady has 35 years’ experience in ESB having worked in a number of areas across the business including HV Maintenance & Installation, operation of HV systems up to and including 220kV, Protection Specialist, 10/20kV Network Manager/Controller, Safety Services Manager and H&S Manager for Major Generation Projects. Mick is a time served Electrician and holds a H.Dip in the Management of Safety, Health and Welfare at Work and is presently working as a coach in ESB focusing on culture transformation.

Please contact the Team for further information on scheduled course dates and In-Company options. You can reach us by phone: 01 665 1305 or email cpdtraining@engineersireland.ie