Power Transformers: Specification, Testing, Maintenance and Operation


1-day course

CPD Credit: 7 hours, C1 / C2

Course Overview

Learning Objectives

To understand:

  • how power transformers are designed, constructed and tested in accordance with applicable standards.
  • how power ratings are specified and influenced by loading and environmental conditions
  • transformer test methods and acceptance criteria
  • Factory Acceptance Tests 
  • Site Acceptance Tests and compliance with SR 61936
  • the importance of maintenance
  • the importance of training and O&M documentation

Course Overview

The course is set out in 10 modules:

  1. International Standards
  2. Transformer Design and Specification
  3. Routine, Type and Special Test Overview 
  4. Ratio, Vector Group and Resistance 
  5. Noise Level and Losses
  6. Temperature Rise and Hot Spot 
  7. Insulation Tests 
  8. Mechanical tests and transport
  9. Site assembly and acceptance tests
  10. Maintenance and Operation

Who Should Attend?

  • Asset Owners & Managers, Facilities Managers, Consultants and Contractors involved in specification, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation of Power Transformers.
  • Engineers, Technicians, Safety Professionals and Graduates.

Trainer Profiles

Padraig Plunkett is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with 35 years varied international experience in HV Power Systems and Transformers. Padraig is a member of various technical and safety committees including:

  • NSAI/ETC/TC 03: S.R. 61936/ISEN 61936 Power installations exceeding 1kV (1.5kVdc) & ISEN 50110 Operation of electrical installations
  • IEC TC99/MT4: IEC 61936 Power installations exceeding 1kV (1.5kV dc)
  • CENELEC CLC / BTTF 62-3 BTTF 62-3 EN 50110 Operation of electrical installations

Balazs Sztari is an Electrical Engineer with 22 years experience in testing and manufacturing of transformers and electric rotating machines. 

Currently, Balazs is Head of Testing and Quality at Ganz Transformers in Hungary and a member of:

  • CIGRE WG A2.53: Interpretation methodology for the mechanical condition assessment of transformer windings using Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)

Tamas Enyedi, Msc Electrical Engineer with broad technical experience as Tender Engineer, Active Part Designer and Project Engineer for GANZ. Currently, Tamas is Export Sales Manager, responsible for the Western EU countries.

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