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Evaluate your event

Evaluation forms should be completed by attendees and completed by teachers. Here at Engineers Ireland we take Engineers Week very seriously and we want to be able to review and improve.

We have commissioned a private company to create these short evaluation forms so that we can conduct a comprehensive impact report. These evaluations are essential to the success of the campaign.

Tips for running your event:

  • Brief all staff on the format and activities of the day.
  • Run through emergency procedures with all visitors.
  • School groups must be accompanied by a teacher at all times.
  • Take photos or video at your event. Get consent!
  • Share on social media – use the hashtag #engweek20.
  • Engineers Week PowerPoint pre-event slides – download and customise. You can use the slides before your event or as a backdrop to ongoing activities during your event.
  • Give each of your attendees an evaluation survey to complete
Resources to help you get involved.