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Studying engineering

An engineering qualification offers a chance to do interesting work with interesting people, enhance people's lives, and explore almost unlimited career opportunities.

What subjects do you need for engineering?

Students of engineering are usually competent in mathematics and feel relatively comfortable with the subject. While Higher Level maths is a requirement for many engineering courses, not every course requires it. Courses at Level 6 or Level 7 usually do not require Higher Level Maths, while Levels 8 and up generally do.  Many colleges offer additional classes in first year for students who need extra support. While science subjects are not usually compulsory for entry to engineering, many students do find themselves drawn to science subjects at school. 

CAO and Engineers Ireland accredited courses
There is a world of higher level engineering options for students today.
Engineering Apprenticeships
An engineering apprenticeship is an exciting opportunity for those who have an interest in engineering as a career.