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Girl Guide Comp-E-tition and E-Badge

Be the first to compete in the all NEW Engineers Ireland STEPS Comp-E-tition series. If you complete the full series you will earn the Engineers Ireland STEPS E-Badge.

The Engineers Ireland STEPS comp-E-tition series and E-Badge is a shake up on the world of engineering as you know it! It will push you to be as creative and innovative as possible in a safe and fun way.

You will not only compete against your fellow Brownies and Girl Guides, but also your leaders! However, it is not just a competition. If you complete all three challenges you will be able to earn the Engineers Ireland STEPS E-badge. 

STEPS Engineers Ireland
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Here's how it works

  • There are three challenges: Christmas, St. Patrick's Day (March) and Summer Fun (May). You can enter one, two or all three challenges.
  • For each challenge, you complete you will earn a STEPS E-Badge. This is a digital sticker that you can use on social media or to make stickers. 
  • If complete all three challenges you will earn the full E-Badge which is a trefoil of all three. A big feat to aim for! 
  • Each challenge will begin with a Mission Video brought to you by Celebrity Scientist, Explorium Host and former professional footballer Mark Langtry from the Explorioum studio
  • In the Mission Video, Mark will bring his infectious energy to set out the next mission. He will do live examples, give lots of options and inspiration, as well as crack some terrible jokes! 
  • Ready-Steady-Go! Once you have your mission, you will have a limited time to complete it - so get thinking! 
  • Sign up to take part and be the first to know about the next launch 

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What materials are required?  

At STEPS we are all about sustainability. In fact, the second challenge will have a sustainability theme.

So, as you can guess, you can use anything you can get your hands on in your house! Junk and recyclable rubbish, reusables, upcycling - these are all very much encouraged! 

Who is it open to? 

The comp-E-titions are open to all – including (we encourage) leaders. However, the E-Badge is for Brownies and Girl Guides only. The E-Badge is also open to those who already have earned the Engineering Badge. 


The entries will be judged by a panel of judges including top engineers from Engineers Ireland and Mark Langtry himself.


All entrants will receive a digital E-Badge corresponding to the challenge. This can be used on social media, to make stickers, and endless other applications to celebrate your work and to show-off! 

All finalists will get their place in the Engineers Ireland steps hall of fame where your work will be showcased. 

There are fantastic stem prizes for the winners of each Comp-E-tition challenge and a prize for the overall winner. 

Prizes include LEGO robotics sets, KIWICO crate subscriptions (3 months) and more. 

The E-badge

All entrants will receive a digital E-Badge corresponding to the challenge. This can be used on social media, to make stickers, and endless other applications to celebrate your work and to show-off! 

The Trefoil E-Badge 

If you complete all three challenges you will earn the Trefoil E-Badge. This is to show the diversity of the engineering skills you put to the test over the year. What a feat! 

How much engineering is involved?

The central theme of all three challenges is to introduce engineering in a fun way to young girls and leaders. However, they also will encourage the girls to develop their problem-solving, creative and communication skills. 

The competition is open-level and all challenges are set so that each individual can learn engineering and apply their skills with their own flavour. You may choose to concentrate on producing a brilliant piece of engineering. Equally, you could see how creative and innovative you can be. Both will be rewarded. The aim is that girls have fun with engineering, and bring out their competitive streak!

There are lots of resources to support you in your mission. See the resources page for more information.

How do I get started?

All you have to is: 

1. Sign up below (you will receive more information)

2, Find out the launch date of the Mission Video (via email if you sign up in advance, on this website, on the IGG newsletter or through social media) 

3. Watch the Mission Video where the details of your challenge will be unveiled!

4. Action! You have a limited time to submit your entry

5. You can sign up to any of the challenges and complete one, two or three. 

What are the deadlines?

The deadline for each challenge will be announced during the Mission Video. Once the Mission Video is launched there will be a detailed webpage on the challenge. This will have lots of information on what is required and loads of resources to help you on the way - including the all-important Marking Scheme!

More information?

Once you sign up you will receive more detailed information by email.

You can also check out the resources, which include general tips, challenge-specific inspiration and marking schemes. These will be available here once the Mission Video is launched.