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Challenge Two

Watch the Mission Video to find out all about this challenge!

Mark Langtry (RTÉ 2 presenter) and Ali, both from Explorium, will reveal the details and give some winning tips and engineering secrets for this challenge.


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Meet your new friend – a leipreacháin Girl Guide or Brownie. She has asked for your help! She would like you to use your engineering skills and imagination to create a Fairy Door for her new house. This door can be simple or extravagant. But it should be sustainable and practical.

Use the cut-out of the Girl Guide or Brownie of your choice to design your door. She must fit through the door and find it easy to use. Don’t forget to give her a name! You can use your creativity to make a beautiful door that she would be proud of. And extra points for inventive engineering functionality elements like hinges, water-proofing, a bell etc. Check out the Engineering Elements resources below for some ideas!

Once you have finished, take your cut-out leipreacháin and her new door to the location of her new home. This should be somewhere outside like in your garden, your local park or a secret leipreacháinhang-out! Finally, take a photo of her standing proudly at her new door!

Send in your photos to our panel of engineering judges including Mark Langtry (Celebrity Scientist)!

Check out the Marking Scheme to see what you will be judged on. 

Also – there is a black and white version of the leipreacháin if you would like to colour her in in your own style!

How to Apply

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The easiest way to apply is to use our app. You can create an account and complete the parental consent form online. You can also submit your entries through the app. If you would prefer not to use the app please email

Please do NOT submit any photo content by email featuring images of people without filling out a parental consent form in advance to comply with GDPR regulations.

What to submit

Once you have completed your engineering mission please submit a photo of the leipeacháin girl standing beside her fabulous new door at its outdoor location.  This can be your garden, your local fairy trail or a secret place where the leipreacháin’s hang out when we are not looking!

We also encourage you to submit any design drawings explaining your creation.

Submit your photos using the online app or by email. Please see ‘How to Apply’ above.


The deadline to submit your photos is midnight 31st March 2021.

E-Badge and prizes

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Each participant will earn an E-Badge for completion of this challenge.

If you have also completed the 1st Challenge of the series the 2nd section of the trefoil E-Badge will be revealed – showing you are nearly there!

There will be prizes for the winners. The prize is a Lego Boost.

It’s not too late to complete Challenge 1. Check out the Challenge 1 section of the website for more details and the Mission Video from Mark