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50% Off Elearning Modules in June 2015

For the month of June, Engineers Ireland is offering our ‘Available to Purchase’ range of CPD elearning modules for a reduced price of €49.50*. To avail of this 50% discount please use the voucher code: cpdjune when purchasing your modules via our online checkout (*Offer ends midnight 30th June, 2015).

Each CPD elearning module is available 24/7 and a certificate of completion can be printed to verify this CPD. One fully completed module amounts to 4 CPD hours, so these modules can form a significant part of any Engineer’s annual CPD plan

To further support our members with their ongoing CPD requirements we are offering complementary access to 10 elearning modules (listed below) to each of our members.

Complimentary for Engineers Ireland members

Available to purchase