Read all about the 10 things that your organisation may not know about field service management software. 

1. Improves the customer experience

Streamline processes with field service management software. From lead and quote creation to job creation and invoicing, keeping your customers informed is essential and job management software allows you to deliver updates each step of the way.

2. Streamlines the invoicing process

Organising invoices can be done via a comprehensive field service management solution and one digital platform. Customers are informed straight away when an invoice has been generated through the platform and can act on it accordingly.

3. Organises work scheduling

Scheduling the right people for a job can be challenging, especially when you need to consider   the appropriate equipment needed, the location of the job and engineer availability. Field service management software can schedule engineers, keep track of stock and show the availability of staff members from one platform.

4. Allows live tracking of field service engineers

Whilst on-site, engineers can use their mobile devices or tablets to keep track of their schedules and plan their day. They can also add subsequent updates for on-site jobs and complete pre-audit questions on the go via mobile app.

5. Increases operational efficiencies and reduces costs

Spreadsheets are often heavily relied on in smaller businesses, however this needn't be the case. Automating processes reduces the need for paperwork, giving companies back countless hours that would have previously been spent on manual tasks.

6. Stores customer history

Improving visibility and reducing the risk of human error can be done by removing the paper trail  and cataloguing customer data electronically with software.

7. Creates visibility with reporting tools

Field service software uses in-built reporting, which helps increase visibility of profit and loss, stock management and customer satisfaction.

8. Manages maintenance jobs

Within businesses, it is essential to keep track of when service is required for the maintenance and repair work of a wide range of assets. Field service management software can ensure that you have the know-how and necessary tools for this type of job management.

9. Uses third-party integrations

Field service management software can integrate with various applications, including Outlook, Gmail, Xero, and Sage. This will help you focus on the important tasks at hand across your entire business.

10. Manages stock

You can manage a digital catalogue and ensure operations are running smoothly with optional inventory tracking.

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