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STEPS are here to support you along your journey to planning your activity. This page contains all the information that you need to get involved with STEPS Engineers Week 2022. 

There are four steps to getting involved in STEPS Engineers Week.

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Upcoming Webinars

January Sessions 

Further webinars will be taking place in January 2022, with registrations opening in Winter 2021. Sign up to the STEPS mailing list to hear when training booking goes live.

Library webinar recording

Amanda Quigley and Caroline McLoughlin from Trim Library, Co. Meath recorded an informative webinar on how they plan for STEPS Engineers Week.

This is a great resource with ideas for how to plan and execute STEPS Engineers Week in your library.

Plan your activity

STEPS Engineers Week activities should show off what engineering is to young people. This is the only requirement from STEPS – otherwise the sky is the limit!

Do you need any activity idea? STEPS has collated a list of activities that you might like to carry out. These can be found below.

If you have another engineering activity in mind, that’s great! Please do feel free to go ahead with your own activity.

You can carry out the same activity each year, you are under no obligation from STEPS to come up with something new each year.

Resources and ideas

Hex Allen's Guide to Defeating Monsters

The Engineers Ireland STEPS team have paired up with Jasmine Florentine, author & project illustrator of Hex Allen and the Clanksmiths , to share Hex Allen's Guide to Defeating Monsters ! Join Hex and her friends as they use science and engineering to get out of a bunch of scrapes and make some fantastic gadgets. Download this activity here.

Jasmine has created a video demonstration especially for STEPS Engineers Week! Watch now on the Engineers Ireland YouTube Channel.

Online activity

Online activity


Resources available

STEM Stories Reading List


The STEPS team have selected a list of books about engineering and STEM.

Share reading lists via social media, encourage people to check out these books (collection, in house etc)

Download the STEM Stories – Reading List here

Download the STEM Stories – Poster here   


Recorded or live talk from an engineer

Invite an engineer in the local county council, or local industry to record a short presentation or host them live.

     STEPS have prepared a customisable school visit presentation.

Let the visiting engineering know that this is available to download here:  Primary school / Secondary school

Activity sheet

Provide activity sheet for at home activity.

Check out to view activities recommended for primary and secondary school levels.


List of resources to host an in-library activity.

In-library activity


Resources available


Create a display of Engineering and STEM books for adults and/or Children.

Use posters and reading lists to add further information for library visitors.

Download the STEM Stories – Reading List here

Download the STEM Stories – Poster here   



Host a viewing of one of the STEPS Engineers Week documentaries.

The STEPS team have selected a list of films and documentaries that will get students excited about engineering and STEM. Used as part of a lesson, movies can spark discussion and reinforce topics.

Download STEM Stories – Film & Documentary list here         



Invite an engineer to speak to a group of students/adults.

     STEPS have prepared a customisable school visit presentation.

Let the visiting engineering know that this is available to download here: Primary school / Secondary school

Register your activity


Registrations will go live in the coming months.

Register Your Activity for these five key benefits, only available to STEPS Engineers Week 2022 Registered Activity Organisers:

1. Receive access to the exclusive STEPS Engineers Week Digital Goodie Bag to share with your students

2. Receive access an exclusive STEPS Engineers Week 2022 Digital Promotional Pack to help promote your activities.

3. Potential to be included in regional press releases and photographer

4. Increase the pool of skilled workers in Ireland by combining efforts with industry nationwide, raising the profile of engineering opportunities available among young people.

5. Help STEPS to carry out an impact analysis that we can use to help influence policy, decision making and apply for funding.


Record your impact

As an activity organiser it is critical for you and your students to evaluate your STEPS Engineers Week experiences, so we can analyse the positive impact of all your hard work.

You can do this via our online evaluation or via a printable evaluation sheet. STEPS will email this to all registered activity organisers in the lead up to STEPS Engineers Week 2022.