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Partner Organisations

How can your organisation get involved?

STEPS Engineering Your Future is a partnership between STEPS, third-level institutes and Industry. We are looking to partner with enthusiastic engineering organisations or third-level institutions to take on the role of STEPS EYF Partner and host a group of Transition Year students over three to five days.


Facilitate a visit for a group of STEPS EYF students for a half-day and provide access to live projects, site visits or a tour of your company.

How can you become a STEPS EYF Partner?

Each STEPS EYF partner must provide a coordinator who will lead and support STEPS EYF within their organisation or third-level institution. 

Coordinators play a vital role in the successful delivery of STEPS EYF by working with the STEPS team to manage all Transition Year applicants, developing a three to five day engineering schedule, supporting and coaching a team of volunteers to deliver their STEPS EYF schedule, and ensuring the safety of all STEPS EYF students.

What type of activities take place during the programme?

  • Discussions with engineers
  • Campus tour
  • Lab workshops
  • Engineering movies
  • Hands-on design challenges
  • Talks from guest speakers
  • Site visits
  • Industry tours
  • Third level institute or industry application process
  • Closing celebration ceremony

The STEPS Team offer support throughout the process and are responsible for processing applications to the programme.

Contact the STEPS team
Call the STEPS team on (01) 665 1340