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The Water and Environment society is for engineers with an interest in the environmental and water aspects of civil engineering.


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Clean the environment and fuel the economy: Europe lines up recycling to secure raw materials

Extracting gold, silver and other commodities from discarded goods has industrial, geopolitical and environmental benefits for the EU.

Wind farm noise: How bubble curtains are used to protect porpoises

As huge offshore wind farms spread across Europe's North and Baltic seas, efforts grow to buffer the impact on wildlife.

Beyond the green gloss: Apple's eco claims, carbon credits, and the quest for true environmental standardisation

Lala Rukh, of the University of Galway, explores corporate greenwashing, focusing on Apple's environmental claims, and delves into the broader implications of misleading environmental initiatives and the urgency for genuine sustainable development in our warming world.

How rainwater in cities is causing more trouble than soggy shoes

Researchers are looking at how to tackle pollutants in urban run-off and overflowing sewers.

Tackling drought via the ancient Sri Lankan 'tank cascades'

A 2,000-year-old Sri Lankan hydraulic system uses natural features to help harvest and store rainwater. In a rapidly warming world, it is providing a lifeline for rural communities.

Why plastics are needed ... but the bio-based route is the way to go

By pivoting away from fossil fuel-based plastic, we can greatly decrease plastics' negative environmental impacts, writes Jennie O Loughlin of DCU.


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