The Biomedical engineering division is a group for Engineers Ireland members working in the MedTech sector. It provides opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing in this fascinating, diverse and life-changing division of engineering.

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Researchers develop patient-friendly hydrogel platform for administering life-saving biologics

New work from an MIT team in collaboration with Merck suggests a practical solution for surmounting the difficulty of administering biologics. In a recent paper, the researchers describe a hydrogel platform for delivering monoclonal antibodies – one type of biologic – through subcutaneous injection.

Researchers create software and hardware for 4D printer with applications in biomedical field

In addition to 3D printing, the machine allows for controlling extra functions: programming the material's response so that shape-changing occurs under an external magnetic field, or changes in its electric properties develops under mechanical deformation. This opens the door to the design of soft robots or smart sensors and substrates that transmit signals to different cellular systems, among other applications.

New generation of artificial hearts provides second chance to heart failure sufferers

Millions of people facing heart failure could benefit from new advances in artificial versions of the organ.

From a ‘deranged’ provocateur to IBM’s failed artificial intelligence superproject: How data has transformed healthcare

A little more than a decade ago, AI made one of its showier forays into the public’s consciousness when IBM’s Watson computer appeared on the American quiz show Jeopardy! In the end, the machine triumphed comfortably, and on the back of this very public success, in 2011 IBM turned Watson towards one of the most lucrative but untapped industries for AI: healthcare. 

The engineer-designed suit that helps researchers to better understand ageing

Students, researchers, and actors don AGNES for a taste of the friction, frustration, and fatigue that older adults often experience.

Engineers design a soft, implantable ventilator

The new design works with the diaphragm to improve breathing.


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