The Biomedical engineering division is a group for Engineers Ireland members working in the MedTech sector. It provides opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing in this fascinating, diverse and life-changing division of engineering.

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Engineers design a soft, implantable ventilator

The new design works with the diaphragm to improve breathing.

Restoring and normalising protein clusters could help prevent dementia

Toxic protein clumps known as Fyn are causing dementia in people due to changes in the protein.

Biomedical and electrical engineers light the way to nerve-operated prosthetics of the future

A multidisciplinary team has found a way to convert nerve impulses into light, opening the way for more scalable neural implants.

Student engineers build 3D-printed prosthetic arm for people with disabilities

The Arm2u biomedical engineering team from the Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya have designed and constructed a configurable transradial prosthesis that responds to the user's nerve impulses using 3D printing technology.

How biomedical engineers are helping the body and brain to adapt to bionic limbs and implants

Artificial limbs, implants and extra thumbs restore and add to our body’s natural capabilities, but how do the brain and nervous system welcome these new body parts?

Combatting cancer: 'Screening more and screening better'

'Some cancer screening changes are relatively straightforward and should be cost effective', says Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald.


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