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Young Engineers Award


The STEPS Young Engineers Award competition encourages 3rd and 4th class pupils and their teachers to explore the world of engineering by developing an engineering project that would help improve their local community.

Schools are encouraged to invite local engineers, or to sign up for a STEPS Volunteer Engineer, to visit their class for a showcase of the projects. The engineers will also give the class an insight into the important role of engineering in the community.

STEPS Young Engineers Award 2023/2024

Registration is now open for the STEPS Young Engineers Award 2023/2024. For more information see the Teacher’s Section below. 


Registration for engineers or engineering students interested in volunteering to visit a school taking part in the STEPS Young Engineers Award is now open. Sign up to one of the training sessions taking place in September.

Applications are open. Register by September 23rd to opt into a STEPS volunteer engineer visit.
To volunteer to visit a STEPS Young Engineers Award class you must complete a STEPS online training session.
All Stars
Find out about past STEPS Young Engineers Award winners and finalists in our All Stars Hall of Fame. You will also find all the past STEPS Young Engineers Award Online Ceremonies here.