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The Engineers Ireland Electrical division is for engineers with an interest in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics.

The division has links with other professional associations and organisations such as the Conseil International des Grand Reseaux Electriques (CIGRÉ) and NSAI’s Electro-technical committee under the direction of the CRU.

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This self-powered sensor harvests magnetic energy automatically

The system could allow sensors to operate in remote settings, without batteries.

Why pumped hydroelectric energy storage is a perfect fit for Ireland’s path to zero emissions electricity generation

Pumped hydroelectric energy storage is a perfect fit for Ireland’s path to zero emissions electricity generation, writes Chris Bakkala. It is a case of feast and famine: more electricity than we can use and not enough when we need it!

Fusion energy: How Ireland is poised to tap into the potential of the 'Holy Grail' of sustainable power

Fusion is the process that powers stars; when hydrogen atoms in the core of a star get close, they fuse to form heavier atoms like helium; this fusing process releases large amounts of energy in the form of light and heat. It is this process that makes a star like our Sun burn. If we can replicate this process on Earth, it would provide enormous amounts of energy to humanity.

How to make more magnetism possible with topology

Researchers show how topology can help create magnetism at higher temperatures.

The energy startup that's helping to bring sustainable and affordable electricity to all

MIT Energy Initiative spinoff Waya Energy helps countries work towards universal access to electricity.

Unshackling electronics potential with this new quantum magnet

Researchers discover how to control the anomalous Hall effect and Berry curvature to create flexible quantum magnets for use in computers, robotics, and sensors.


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