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The Engineers Ireland Electrical division is for engineers with an interest in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics.

The division has links with other professional associations and organisations such as the Conseil International des Grand Reseaux Electriques (CIGRÉ) and NSAI’s Electro-technical committee under the direction of the CRU.

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Revealed: Viable superconducting material created at low temperature and low pressure

Researchers report the creation of a superconducting material at both a temperature and pressure low enough for practical applications. 

The groundbreaking spintronics manufacturing process that could completely transform the electronics sector

Researchers have developed a breakthrough process for making spintronic devices that has the potential to create semiconductors chips with unmatched energy efficiency and storage for use in computers, smartphones, and many other electronics.

How twisting and untwisting this high-tech yarn generates electricity

The material has already been tested in clothing.

'2D' materials – and how they expand

A technique that accurately measures how atom-thin materials expand when heated could help engineers develop faster, more powerful electronic devices.

My engineering life Q&A: Tony Hepburn and Kenny Mcnamee

We ask Intel engineers Tony Hepburn and Kenny Mcnamee to talk about their professional life – their mentors, details of current projects and so on.

Untapped resource: An analysis of tidal stream energy extraction in Ireland and the UK

The commercialisation of wind energy systems has far exceeded that of tidal stream turbines and is a mature technology with a range of support services. This article will explore the reasons for this difference in the technologically similar wind and tidal stream contributions to the national grids of Ireland and the UK, writes Mike Barrett.


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