Specialist programmes

Engineers Ireland offers a range of technical training programmes for engineers looking to develop their skills in specialist areas. ‏‏‎ ‎

4 Days
CPD Certificate in the Design and Lifecycle of Road Pavements
This module encompasses the lifecycle of a road pavement from initial design and construction to the evaluation and rehabilitation of pavements in service. It concentrates on the key objective for a sustainable road pavement of being fit for its intended purpose and durable for its expected life.
4 days
CPD Certificate in Geometric Road Design
This course focuses on the full design process to produce safe, efficient roads for Ireland. It concentrates on the key objectives of a sustainable design operating at its optimum safety and efficiency under Irish conditions. The course provides a background to the current design methods generally employed in Ireland utilising the relevant TII Publications.
2 Days
Vehicle Restraint Systems Design
Upon completion of the training course, attendees will have developed skills in design, installation and maintenance of Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS), including safety barrier and parapet systems, in accordance with relevant standards (IS EN 1317, DN-REQ-03034, DN-REQ-03079, DN-GE-03036 and CC-SPW-00400). This is your opportunity to be informed about the latest thinking in Vehicle Restraint Systems.
4 Days
Certified Energy Auditor
The Certified Energy Auditor is an individual who evaluates and analyses how energy is being used in a facility, identifies energy opportunities, and makes recommendations where consumption can be reduced or optimized. The aim of this course is to prepare individuals for taking the AEE Certified Energy Auditor Examination.
5 Weeks
Environmental Essentials for Engineering Projects CPD Programme
This programme provides all engineers managing projects with a comprehensive introduction to the environmental essentials covering Water, Air, Noise, Solid Waste and Effluent/Contamination. The modules will focus on the principles and practices of each key environmental consideration in the context of respective policy and legislation. Case studies will be provided to demonstrate best-practice in environmental protection, including appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures.
5 Weeks
Retrofitting Domestic Buildings for Energy Efficiency CPD Programme - Online Classroom
This programme focuses particularly on the recommendations set out in NSAI SR54 “Code of Practice – Methodology for the Energy Efficient Retrofit of Existing Dwellings” and is divided into 5 distinct modules. The modules will cover topics including; Near Zero Energy Buildings, Basic Building Physics, Building Fabric, Building Services and Renewable Energy.