Salary survey

The Engineers Ireland Salary Survey 2020 presents up-to-date information on engineers' salary levels and employment benefits in Ireland. The data should assist engineering professionals and their employers in arriving at equitable decisions in relation to remuneration packages.

We undertake these surveys as part of our Engineering barometer reports, which track developments in engineering education, employment and perspective. 

2020 Highlights

Remuneration package

A Chartered Engineer with 16-20 years' experience typically receives: €73,000 salary, €5,000 annual bonus and a 5% pension contribution.

Salary progression

A graduate engineer can expect to earn €33,000, rising to approximately €50,000 with 6-10 years of experience. Remuneration levels rise more-or-less consistently with experience and most engineers with more than 30 years of experience can expect to earn more than €90,000. Achieving promotion to a more senior position, entering management and supervising more staff all typically result in a higher salary.

Engineers Ireland subscription

60% of engineers have their Engineers Ireland subscription fee paid by their employer.


The vast majority of engineers receive contributions from their employer to their pension, typically 5% of salary and rising with experience. Two-in-five engineers with more than 26 years of experience receive pension contributions of more than 10% of salary.

Engineering barometer
The Engineering barometer is an annual report from Engineers Ireland, tracking developments in engineering education, employment and perspectives