Siemens Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award


sie_logo_petrol_cmykThe Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award is to recognise and award the best projects by third level engineering students that showcases its innovation, sustainability and commercial potential. 

Submissions for the 25th Siemens Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award will open summer 2024. 

Who can enter?

Any student(s) may submit a project or have their project submitted by their Third Level Institution.

Any project submitted must have been completed by a current student(s) or recent graduate(s) during the academic year 2022/23.

More than one project can be submitted from the same institution but not by the same applicant.

What are the criterias?

The project must demonstrate and cover the following:

  • Technical & Design
  • Innovation & Technology 
  • Commerciality 
  • Sustainability 

Your project must submitted through the online form, answering the above criteria’s and including any supporting evidence. This information is what we'll present to the shortlisting panel and judges. Treat it as seriously as you would a university assignment, so you should make a plan, get feedback from others, and proofread it before submitting. 

The Awards

The Siemens Innovate Student Engineer of the Year Awards takes place Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge. All finalists will be invited to present their projects to a live panel of judges to determine the winner. The event will also feature a showcase of projects, panel discussion and it will be recorded. If any queries, email

Past winners of the Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award, sponsored by Siemens

2023 - 3-Axis Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Pedagogical Purposes

Roy Sheridan from ATU Galway was the 2024 winner with his project ‘3-Axis Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Pedagogical Purposes’. Using a variety of engineering principles, Roy created a working prototype of his desktop machine which can be used by hobbyists, industry, students and educators for STEM teaching and training purposes, and for the realisation of miniature parts and products.

2022 – Tulipa

2022 Siemens Innovative Student Engineer Award 6

The student team, comprising of Mary O’Riordan, Daineadh Power, Sean O’Shea, Eoin McGrath, Joe O’ Reilly, Andy Leahy, Ali Rezk, Jamie O’Hanlon were awarded the prestigious accolade of 2022 Siemens Innovative Student Engineer Award for the development of the Tulipa device.

Tulipa is a modern, universal take on the vaginal speculum designed not only with the patient in mind but also the practitioner. The device aims to restore comfort, reduce fear, increase the attendance of women at these vital exams, and will provide a sterile solution for speculums in Third World Countries.

Find out more here

2021 – Field of Vision and ByoWave

Field of Vision were the 2021 winners of the Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award. 

ByoWave were the 2021 winners of the Innovative Graduate Engineer of the Year Award.

Watch the 2021 Competition Final

2019 - The Cotter Crate

Students: Jack Cotter, Limerick IT and Nick Cotter, UCC

The Cotter Crate, developed by Jack Cotter (21)and younger brother Nick (18) was deemed the best innovation by the Engineers Ireland judging panel. 

The Cotter Crate is lamb handling system that facilitates the quick, safe, easy and accurate administration of vaccines, doses and drenches to lambs from 3 weeks of age. The innovative crate assists by safely and comfortably restraining lambs, allowing a farmer to administer multiple treatments quickly and accurately. The Cotter brothers have estimated that when using the Cotter Crate a farmer can dose 400 lambs an hour on one dose and dose 200 lambs with 4 treatments, lowering labour time and costs when compared with current methods.

2018 – StrydeTech

CIT’s Kevin Hayes, Muireann Hickey, Cian O'Leary and Jonathan Mullane won the 2018 Siemens ‘Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award’ for their mobility device, StrydeTech, a life-changing mobility enablement device which provides independence and confidence to those who are unable to stand up on their own.

2017 – The Bucket Bagger

Student: Aron Purser, IT Carlow

Aron Purser

About the project:

Aron Purser’s project, the forklift ‘Bucket Bagger’, was designed to meet the requirements of the agricultural and construction sector. The ‘Bucket Bagger’ is an attachment placed on the front of a forklift, which is used to fill bulk bags. Previously, no bucket existed for forklifts, other than those for teleporters, which were unsuitable for use and also limited driver visibility during operation.

2016 – Automatically Fed Post Driver

Students: Colm Morley, Shane Timoney, Caolan Treanor and Conor Walsh, IT Sligo

IT Sligo

About the project:

The IT Sligo students won the Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Award for their design, titled ‘Automatically fed post driver’. The project allowed tractor operators to drive posts without having to dismount their tractors, significantly improving the safety and efficiency of the process. Previously there had been no post drivers that are able to hold, feed and drive a post without the operator having to dismount the tractor.

2015 – Tippy Talk

Student: Rob Laffan, Limerick Institute of Technology

Rob Laffin

An automation and control engineering student, Rob Laffan won the Innovative Student Engineer of the Year award for his project Tippy Talk, which uses automation technology for communicating across a multitude of non-verbal disabilities such as autism. He developed his project as a result of first-hand experience with his autistic daughter Sadie.