The Heritage society is a hub for Engineers Ireland members of all disciplines interested in Ireland’s engineering heritage, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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Port Collections: A history of Dublin Port and the port archive

Since 1997 the day-to-day running of Dublin Port is managed by Dublin Port Company, which traces its 300-year-old history back to 1708, writes Lar Joye, port heritage director, Dublin Port Company.

Factors affecting fire safety in heritage buildings: An analysis

The recent fire at Notre Dame in Paris has, once again, turned the spotlight on how susceptible heritage buildings are to fire. Throughout the ages, devastating fires have robbed mankind of its knowledge, art and treasures. Prior to the Notre Dame fire, Brazil’s Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most important cultural institutions in South America, burned down in September 2018 and closer to home there was the fire at the Glasgow School of Art (Mackintosh Building) in June ...

Notre Dame: Medieval stonemasons built vaulted ceilings to protect against fires

Medieval stonemasons built soaring vaulted ceilings such as those of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France, using techniques that are still not completely understood today. The challenge of restoring Notre Dame after the fire in April presents an opportunity to unravel the techniques of the time, says Professor David Wendland, chair of construction history at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg in Germany, who recently deduced how intricate, late Gothic vaults ...

Iran's underground 'qanat' channels are ingenious ancient solutions for sourcing water

The famed Persian irrigation tunnels are considered to be one of the world's oldest engineering marvels and are on Unesco’s World Heritage list, writes Loukia Papadopoulos. The Persian qanats, added to Unesco’s World Heritage list two years ago, are one of the world's oldest engineering marvels. Consisting of an ancient system of water sourcing underground tunnels, these 3,000-year-old ingenious channels still provide a reliable supply of water for some of Iran's most arid ...

The greatest 15 engineering marvels of all time

Humanity has gone from strength to strength since our early days, fending off large predators. Mankind's greatest engineering marvels do not just encompass the modern ones you might instinctively think of. Join us as we dive into the ancient past and journey through history to revisit the greatest engineering marvels of mankind. (We wanted to include fire but this was actually developed by Homo Erectus around 1 to 1.5 million years ago.) The following 15 are a selection of engineering ...

Are these the 20 greatest engineers of all time?

The need to invent new technologies is as old as humanity itself. The labours and achievements of the following engineers have made enormous impacts on society and the world we live in today. Join me as I explore the some of the 20 greatest engineers. [Editor's note - this is author's personal selection and doesn't represent the view of Engineers Ireland. There's no sign of Lillian Gilbreth, William Dargan or Ada Lovelace here, for a start!] Archimedes First and foremost the great ...

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