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The Electronic and Computing division provides members with a professional and social network for developing their knowledge base and fostering potential business opportunities.



Electronic and Computing division members work in software development and testing, including the gaming industry; mobile and fixed line telecommunications; internet services; embedded systems development and signal processing. Members have the opportunity to learn and share experiences with their peers and with representatives from the associated industry groups at events organised by the division.

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Computing’s quantum shift

With the race to build a new generation of computers heating up, European companies are eyeing the game-changing opportunities.

How symmetry can offer a helping hand to machine learning

Exploiting the symmetry within datasets, MIT researchers show, can decrease the amount of data needed for training neural networks.

Debunking the quantum computer myths in ‘Heart of Stone’

This article dissects the misconceptions and inaccuracies portrayed in the recent film, Heart of Stone, providing readers with an accurate understanding of this cutting-edge field. Quantum computing is THE future, and we want to ensure that readers grasp its true potential and are aware that it is not as simple as portrayed in the movie, but it is indeed a dangerous technology.

Starting orders: The race is on for a new internet

Europe is pushing to create a network infrastructure based on quantum physics.

The competing axis around which data centre size continually evolves

Data centres are a fundamental part of the business enterprise, designed to support applications and provide services such as data storage, access management, backup, and recovery, writes Vincent Fogarty. They also provide productivity applications – online meeting portals, e-commerce transactions and provisioning for online gaming communities. Recently big data, machine learning and AI have prompted the growth of data centres

Result! IBM quantum computer vs supercomputer: 1-0 – as 'Eagle' soars to victory in maths test

IBM now plans to power its quantum computers with a minimum of 127 qubits.


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