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134_CHEM_PROCESS_LOGO_REVThe Chemical and Process Engineering division is a group for members working in the chemical, biochemical and process engineering sectors, providing CPD and networking events for engineers in these areas.


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Engineers use computational modelling to design 'ultrastable' materials

These highly stable metal-organic frameworks could be useful for applications such as capturing greenhouse gases.

Revealed: How this waste treatment efficiently converts sewage to biogas

A new method to treat sewage can efficiently convert leftover sludge to biogas, an advance that could help communities lower their waste treatment costs while helping the environment.

Researchers genetically engineer plants to yield more vegetable oil

Scientists have successfully bioengineered an important protein in plants to increase the yield of oil from their fruits and seeds – a holy grail for the global agri-food industry. 

Designers come up with fresh approach to making porous materials called zeolites

Researchers are controlling pore openings for maximum molecule capture.

How to turn carbon dioxide into valuable, in-demand products

Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to climate change and a significant product of many human activities, notably industrial manufacturing. A major goal in the energy field has been to chemically convert emitted CO2 into valuable chemicals or fuels. But while CO2 is available in abundance, it has not yet been widely used to generate value-added products. Why not? Assistant professor Ariel Furst and her colleagues are looking to DNA to help guide the process.

My path to technical excellence: Chris Davis

Chris Davis works as a subject matter expert in bulk biologics processing – primarily the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals – for Jacobs where he supports projects across Europe. He outlines some of the characteristics of his role and how his career path led him to the position. 


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