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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action Division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy engineering, managing the environmental impact of economic activities and supporting ambitious climate action in the engineering community. A primary objective of the Division is to support the development and deployment of energy technologies and policies to enable a rapid transition to a fully decarbonised, environmentally sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy system in Ireland.

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The design system that would harness 40% of the sun’s heat to produce clean hydrogen fuel

Conventional systems for producing hydrogen depend on fossil fuels, but the new system uses only solar energy.

Ireland's energy renewables project — a case of the haves and have-nots

If these projects are economically so attractive and there is limited grid capacity for them, who gets the privilege? And can this be done fairly? Our research group at the School of Engineering at University College Cork looked at technical information from the grid, energy policy and customer demographics at a national scale in search for answers.

Combatting climate change with aid of device that offers long-distance, low-power underwater communication

The system could be used for battery-free underwater communication across kilometre-scale distances, to aid monitoring of climate and coastal change.

Finland lines up plan to bury spent nuclear fuel for 100,000 years

Finland is on the verge of becoming the first nation to bury spent nuclear fuel rods deep underground for the long term. 

In the climate change battle, Europe pushes for homes to dump boilers

Heat pumps in buildings are in focus as the EU slashes emissions and boosts clean energy.

How Ireland is rapidly becoming a leader in renewable energy technology

From high tides and strong winds to a government strongly supportive of foreign investment and startups, Ireland's at the forefront of Europe’s renewables revolution.... and Japanese companies are keen to engage.


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