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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action Division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy engineering, managing the environmental impact of economic activities and supporting ambitious climate action in the engineering community. A primary objective of the Division is to support the development and deployment of energy technologies and policies to enable a rapid transition to a fully decarbonised, environmentally sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy system in Ireland.

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How these bird-friendly tips help to make wind farms less threatening

Wind turbines can pose a deadly risk to migrating birds, but there are ways to dramatically reduce crashes, writes Katherine Latham.

Fusion-energy journey makes significant progress with EU-Japan reactor

The inauguration of the world’s most powerful fusion machine brings the dream of clean, safe and abundant power closer.

The algorithm helping to forecast the frequency of extreme weather

The new approach 'nudges' existing climate simulations closer to future reality.

Slick stuff: Shining a light on oil fields to make them more sustainable

Amplified Industries helps oil field operators eliminate spills and stop methane leaks.

How the ‘hottest startup in Ireland’ is helping to combat the climate crisis

The team at Pyramp – a soon-to-be spun-out venture from TU Dublin – has developed a thermophotovoltaic (TPV) technology to generate electricity from industrial waste heat.

How new materials and designs are making wind power's towers and turbines greener and cheaper

New materials and designs can make a leading source of renewable energy both greener and cheaper, writes Tom Cassauwers.


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