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Engineers Ireland will be there with you throughout college and beyond, helping you to kick-start your career after graduation. 

There are two offers of Graduate membership available to students of Engineers Ireland, which depend on your graduation year. 

Please note, both offers require you to have been a Student member during college in order to transfer to Graduate membership.

Savings breakdown (depending on year of graduation)

Year 2023 Graduates 2024 Graduates
2024 Free Free
2025 75% discount Free
2026 50% discount 75% discount
2027 25% discount 50% discount
2028 Full membership fee applies 25% discount
2029 Full membership fee applies Full membership fee applies

How to transfer to Graduate membership

We have made it easier than ever to get this offer. Once you have an existing Student membership you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Member Dashboard   
  2. On the left of your Member Dashboard, under My Member Services, you will see a box titled Become a Full Member 
  3. Select this box:

become a member

4. You will be asked to confirm your information, such as your qualification, and then submit your request for Full Membership

If you have any questions on applying for your Graduate membership, please contact Maeve Martin, Student and Graduate Engagement Executive.

What happens next?

We will send you more information on how to verify your qualifications via email. If you have not officially graduated, or if you have not been able to provide us verification of completing college, we place you at a holding membership grade.

Our Membership Qualification Board (MQB) meets once a month to consider candidates for Membership of Institution of Engineers Ireland. Once accepted, you will receive an updated Membership Card and Certificate (you will be permitted to use the post-nominal MIEI from this point onwards, once certified).

Please note, you must have applied for your Student membership before the end of your final year of university before you can transfer to Graduate membership. If you have any questions on applying for your free Student membership, please contact Maeve Martin, Student and Graduate Engagement Executive.

Graduate membership
Benefits of being a member
Being a member of Engineers Ireland's community shows your commitment to delivering excellence in engineering.
Graduate membership
Graduate stories
Advice and first-hand accounts of life as a graduate member of Engineers Ireland