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146_FIRE_SAFETY_LOGO_REVThe Fire and Safety division is a group for members engaged in fire and safety aspects of a range of industries – the construction sector, consultancies, local authorities, contractors, insurance firms, government departments and fire and building control authorities.


Members benefit from contacts and networking available through our meetings, presentations and seminars promoting the latest thinking in fire and safety. The division allows designers and regulators to mingle and discuss issues that are important to designs, such as fire safety certification.

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Fire and Safety in the Engineers Journal

At the coalface: To tackle wildfires, European researchers team up with frontline forces

The EU is seeking to limit growing threats from blazes through the use of satellites, artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles.

How fireproof fungus can mean buildings are given a sustainable cladding alternative

Researchers have shown it is possible to grow fungi in thin sheets that could be used for fire-retardant cladding or even a new kind of fungal fashion.

Medieval techniques being used to restore Notre Dame Cathedral's roof

The iconic Notre Dame roof caught fire in 2019, and renovation work has been ongoing ever since. 

Preventing wildfires: Collaborative engineering in action

The fire services internationally are just one of the players in preventing the occurrence of wildfires. Developers, planners and other professionals have their part to play in ensuring that any residential development is constructed in lands that are risk-assessed for their susceptibility to wildland fire, writes Pat Hunt.

Fire safety engineering: Abstracts from final-year dissertations

The Engineers Journal is publishing a number of abstracts from the final-year dissertation of Engineers Ireland's accredited BEng in Fire Safety Engineering at ATU Donegal. The three titles include: 'The efficacy of extinguishing agents on electric vehicle fires'; 'Comparison of fire safety equipment in rental dwellings and private dwellings'; and 'An investigation into the practicalities and legalities of controlled burning within Ireland'. 

Grenfell: Four years after the disaster, are Britain's buildings safer?

In the four years since the Grenfell Tower fire, which led to the unconscionable deaths of 72 people, one key question remains unanswered: are Britain's buildings any safer? The short answer is: not yet.


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