Chartered Engineer

Chartered Engineers are leaders in the industry. They are ethical practitioners who maintain the highest level of competence and professional integrity. They develop new technology and use innovative methods to solve complex problems. 

We are updating the regulations for the professional titles of Chartered Engineer, Associate Engineer and Engineering Technician on Thursday, 29 February 2024. The main changes relate to the alignment of the professional competences with international standards and the new Engineers Ireland Accreditation Criteria.

To facilitate the template content updates, your online application will be inaccessible on Friday, 1 March. Please do not make any changes to your application until after this date. To download your current content, use the “View application” link at the top of your application.

Member Supports

Discipline Specific Competency Documents

These documents have been prepared by the Membership Team who have collated Discipline Specific Competency examples. These examples have previously been submitted by members of Engineers Ireland who were successful in their Chartered Engineer application.

Member stories
Fast-track to career success
"Becoming a Chartered Engineer has really accelerated my career progression. It shows employers and clients that I am committed to my craft and to excellence in engineering."
Engineers Ireland
Listen to our Chartered Engineer podcasts
Listen to our series of podcasts on becoming a chartered engineer and the impact it can have on your career.
Interview tips
Guidance for your Professional Interview
The professional interview gives you the chance to share and authenticate your involvement and ownership of the evidence already presented in your application.

Note: From 1 January 2013 the education requirement for Chartered Engineer is a Master's Degree in engineering accredited by Engineers Ireland. Graduates holding an Honours Bachelor's Degree in engineering accredited by Engineers Ireland, obtained prior to 2013, continues to meet the education standard required for Chartered Engineer. Qualifications from outside Ireland recognised under the Washington Accord are accepted as meeting the education level for Chartered Engineer.

Associated information

The following documents will help you through the Chartered Engineer application process.

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