The Engineering Fundamentals

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(1 Day)
Fundamentals of Carbon Accounting for Engineers
This course aims to provide delegates with an overview of the Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) which contribute to climate change, their major sources, relative contributions, and how they are measured.
(1 Day)
Fundamentals in Flood Risk Assessment
This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of Flood Risk Assessments in Ireland. A flood risk assessment is the identification, quantification and communication of flood risk.
(1 Day)
Fundamentals of District Heating
This course aims to introduce the key concepts and fundamentals of district heating systems across the main stages in a heat networks development from initial heat planning and policy, business case development, through to the design and construction of the network.
(1 Day)
Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment For Engineers
This course will provide attendees with an understanding of the different stages of wastewater treatment and the byproducts (sludge) that result.
(1 Day)
Introduction to Windfarm High Voltage Electrical Installations
This course aims to provide participants with an understanding of HV Systems on Windfarms, the main components, terminology, single line diagrams, operation and maintenance and risks and hazards.
(1 Day)
Fundamentals of M&E Consultancy
The aim of this course is to give graduate engineers and new entrants to M&E / building services consultancy a good understanding of the role of the M&E Consultant on a typical construction project from initial client enquiry through to the final handover of the project.
(1 Day)
An Introduction to Bioprocessing for Engineers
The aim of this course is to introduce the biopharmaceutical industry and its associated processing principles and techniques to Engineers from a non-biopharma background. The course will expand attendees’ knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the bioprocessing industry.
(1 Day)
Fundamentals of Activated Sludge and Anaerobic Digestion for Engineers
This course will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the activated sludge and anaerobic digestion process including terms used to describe health and efficiency, key performance indicators and case studies to demonstrate where improvements can be made, and challenges overcome.
(1 Day)
Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics
The purpose of this course is to introduce the concepts and methods of structural dynamics to practicing engineers. Modern structures are increasingly slender. Their increased flexibility and therefore reduced stiffness mean that these structures are more affected by dynamic response. This has an impact on structural safety, fatigue damage and ultimately failure.
(2 Days)
Fundamentals of Street Lighting: Understanding Lighting Assets
This course has been developed to impart the knowledge and understanding of the issues associated with the management of highway electrical assets.
(1 Day)
Fundamentals of Flood Risk Management
The course aims to provide an overview of the analysis and methods used in flood risk management, from feasibility study to construction stage.