Engineering Technician

Engineering Technicians contribute to the design, development and manufacturing of products and services.

Member testimonial
Fast-track to career success
"Earning the title Engineering Technician has really accelerated my career progression. It shows employers and clients that I am committed to my craft and to excellence in engineering."

How to apply

To apply for the Engineering Technician title, you will need an accredited level 6 qualification and three years' postgraduate experience. You also need to be a member of Engineers Ireland to apply for this title. Use the Engineering Technician Regulations as your guidelines for your application.

To begin your application, log into your member dashboard and select My Professional Title.

Application fee

The application fee for Engineering Technician is €275, which you must submit before the deadline in January or June for your application to be considered.


There are two deadlines in the year by which you must submit your professional title application – the last Fridays in January and June.

We're here to help
If you have any questions on your professional title application, please get in touch with our Membership team on (01) 665 1334 – we're happy to help.