International Professional Title Recognition

We understand the importance of having your engineering qualifications recognised on a global scale. To achieve this, there are several options available to you. Firstly, mutual recognition agreements allow your professional title to be acknowledged in partner countries, ensuring your expertise is recognised beyond borders.

Additionally, the International Professional Engineers Agreement simplifies international recognition, while the EUR ING designation offers a European-wide credential. Lastly, the EU Directive facilitates the recognition of engineering qualifications within the European Union, ensuring your title's acceptance across EU member states.

Explore these pathways to unlock the full potential of your professional engineering title on the international stage.

Countries that have Mutual Recognition Agreements with Ireland

A Mutual Recognition Agreement is an agreement between certain countries to provide mutual recognition of an engineer’s professional title. You can apply to have your title recognised by Engineers Ireland.

This will in turn allow you to have your professional title recognised by a country that has an MRA with Ireland.

How Do I Apply?

  • Mutual Recognition Agreement applications cannot be submitted online
  • MRA requests should be emailed to our Membership team with the subject line Mutual Recognition Agreement
  • Please include details of the title you hold and what professional body it has been awarded by

Titles covered by these agreements:

  • Chartered Engineer/ Professional Engineer
  • Associate Engineer/ Incorporated Engineer/ Professional Engineering Technologist (only transferable to and from United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia)
  • Engineering Technician/ Professional Engineering Technician (only transferable to and from United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia)

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to apply for recognition of your professional title if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have received your professional title from a country that has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with Ireland 
  • For the Mutual Recognition Agreement to apply you must have been elected to the title under that professional body’s standard professional review
  • That you are in good standing with and still a member of your original membership body


International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) 

The IPEA establishes an international standard of competence for professional engineering and provides a framework for the recognition of experienced professional engineers by representative organisations in the member jurisdictions. Each representative organisation is authorised to establish a register for those engineers wishing to be recognised as meeting the international standard. Engineers Ireland is a signatory to the IPEA since 1997 and operates a national section on the International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Register. Successful applicants will be authorised to use the designatory letters IntPE (Irl).

Fellow member countries are listed  here.

Am I eligible?

Applying within Ireland

You must have achieved your Chartered Engineer title through the professional review of Engineers Ireland (not via Mutual Recognition Agreement or EU Directive). 

Hold a minimum of 7 years post-graduate engineering experience, with at least 2 years in charge of significant engineering work (clearly relevant to area of engineering expertise). 

Maintained continuing professional development at a satisfactory level in the two years prior to application.    

Applicants who apply within 12 months of becoming a chartered engineer are exempt from the €100 application fee.  Please note that if you join the register your annual subscription fee will increase by €25.  

This online application can be accessed through your Engineers Ireland membership dashboard. 

International Register Guidelines (within Ireland).

Applying outside Ireland

Professional Engineers must provide evidence they are registered on the International Register in another signatory country. Professional Engineers must provide independent verification from their home body of this. 

Applicant must complete the International Register Application Form, provide ID and pay the appropriate fee. 

Applications are assessed by the Registrar of Engineers Ireland and if all requirements are satisfied, they will be called for Interview. 

Two Chartered Engineers will carry out the interview, duration approximately 30 minutes. 

International Register Guidelines (outside Ireland).


The EUR ING is a certificate which facilitates the professional mobility of engineers within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and beyond. It establishes a framework of recognition of qualifications in order to enable engineers to carry with them a certificate of recognized professional competence.

The EUR ING Certificate delivered by ENGINEERS EUROPE is designed as a guarantee of competence for professional engineers, in order

  • to facilitate the movement of practicing engineers within and outside the geographical area represented by ENGINEERS EUROPE's member countries and to establish a framework of mutual recognition of qualifications in order to enable engineers who wish to practice outside their own country to carry with them a guarantee of competence
  • to provide information about the various formation systems of individual engineers for the benefit of prospective employers
  • to encourage the continuous improvement of the quality of engineers by setting, monitoring and reviewing standards

The EUR INGs are listed in the ENGINEERS EUROPE Register, a database maintained by the Secretariat General in Brussels. Currently some 35.000 European Engineers are listed in the register

You can apply online. If you do not already have an Engineers Europe login, you will be asked to create one.

Please contact the membership team at or call  +353 (0)1 665 1334 to make payment for your EUR ING application fee of €275.00.

EU Directive 

An EU Directive provides mutual recognition of professional qualifications between EU member states.   It facilitates mobility for Chartered Engineers within the EU and allows them to transfer their title from another EU country

It is recommended that applicants, applying for recognition of their title by Engineers Ireland under this route, familiarise themselves with Directive 2005/36/EC.

Applicants are required, in accordance with the regulations for this membership route, to complete and submit an application form for the Registered Title of Chartered Engineer under EUDirective 2005/36/EC accompanied by the relevant supporting documentation. A checklist of the requirements is included within the application form.

This is competence-based application that can be submitted throughout the year with an application fee of €275. Once your application has been submitted you will then be called for interview.

Please note that the EU Directive does not guarantee automatic recognition of the Chartered Engineer title as there may be a difference between the formal qualifications and professional experience of the applicant and those required by Engineers Ireland.