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Accreditation: Promoting top-quality engineering education in 2023

From aeronautical to structural, Letterkenny to Waterford, higher certificate to master’s, CAO route and apprenticeship route – there is a world of options for those looking to study engineering in Ireland, write Dr Richard Manton, registrar, and Dr Maria Kyne, Accreditation Board chairperson.

Gender imbalance in engineering – a report

As skills shortages emerge in the engineering and technology sectors, access to potential engineers must be addressed, writes Engineers Ireland policy officer Keelan Keogh.

Clean the environment and fuel the economy: Europe lines up recycling to secure raw materials

Extracting gold, silver and other commodities from discarded goods has industrial, geopolitical and environmental benefits for the EU.

Grape expectations: Why the vineyards of the future will produce more than wine

Europe is seeking to use emissions and residues from winemaking for new products ranging from animal feed to antibiotic alternatives.

Miniature green superhero coming to the rescue in battle against bowel disease

Compounds found in seaweed may reduce a serious digestive-tract illness.

Revealed: The novel method of integrating data with physical objects

StructCode encodes machine-readable data in laser-cut objects by modifying their fabrication features.


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