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How a new generation of batteries looks set to bolster the EU’s green ambitions

The EU is funding a range of research projects to ensure that Europe has an industrial base and supply network able to meet growing demand for batteries.

European researchers eye neutralising snake venom

More effective treatments for snakebites that afflict millions of people worldwide every year are emerging from EU research.

How two crops are helping to tackle the environmental harm of apparel made with synthetic fibres

Researchers are turning to two crops to tackle the environmental harm of apparel made with synthetic fibres.

Rock on: Hydrogen and how it can be stimulated naturally underground

Prof Iwnetim Abate aims to extract hydrogen from rocks by stimulating its natural production underground, potentially unearthing a new path to a cheap, carbon-free energy source.

Chemical engineer Paula Hammond on tackling cancer at the nanoscale

In MIT’s 2024 Killian Lecture, chemical engineer Paula Hammond described her groundbreaking work on nanoparticles designed to attack tumour cells.

'Nanostitches' work on bringing about lighter and tougher composite materials

In research that may lead to next-generation aircraft and spacecraft, engineers used carbon nanotubes to prevent cracking in multilayered composites. The nanostitched samples were up to 62% tougher and more resistant to cracks, compared with the same advanced composite material that was held together with conventional polymers.


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