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New tech for old buildings results in wins for the pocket and the environment

'The era of very cheap energy in Europe is over,' says Arden Energy's Fergal Purcell, an Irish company that seeks to lower household and office fuel bills. 'The era of smart energy is coming.'

How cutting-edge brain implants are restoring sight to the blind

European researchers are striving to improve the technology that could one day help blind people see again.

The focus on turning climate's black mark – CO2 – into a green force moves centre stage

The major greenhouse gas contributing to global warming could become a prime resource for biofuels that can cut car, plane and ship emissions.

New technique simplifies the construction process for complex materials

With a new, user-friendly interface, researchers can quickly design many cellular metamaterial structures that have unique mechanical properties.

Engineers develop an energy-storing supercapacitor from ancient materials

Made of cement, carbon black, and water, the device could provide cheap and scalable energy storage for renewable energy sources.

Three questions: Boosting concrete’s ability to serve as a natural 'carbon sink'

Damian Stefaniuk unpacks new research to bolster concrete’s natural carbon sequestration potential by adding sodium bicarbonate in mixes.


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