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Baltimore Francis Scott Key disaster: Bridge engineer and Fellow of Engineers Ireland explains what happened, and what needs to change

The images from Baltimore are a reminder that safety can’t be taken for granted. We need to remain vigilant. So why did this bridge collapse? And, just as importantly, how might we make other bridges more safe against such collapse, asks , associate professor, civil engineering, Monash University, and Fellow, Engineers Ireland.

New fail-safe mobile seawall system harnesses microtidal energy to operate

The first-of-its-kind system 'uses movable seawalls to generate electricity and then uses that electricity to operate the system itself'.

Self-heating concrete moves a step closer to ensuring snow shovels and salt will be unnecessary

Researchers recently reported on the science behind a special concrete that can warm itself up when it snows, or as temperatures approach freezing.

Engineers develop ultra-thin semiconductor fibres that transform fabrics into wearable electronics

Scientists have developed ultra-thin semiconductor fibres that can be woven into fabrics, turning them into smart wearable electronics.

How pinging pipes could help to identify lead water lines without having to excavate

A recent study showed that it is possible to discern the composition of a buried pipe by striking an accessible portion of it and monitoring the sound waves that reach the surface. This method could help water utility companies verify the location of lead water lines without having to break ground.

Project looks at cutting plastic in consumer-goods packaging

Cellulose fibres are emerging as a sustainable option for wrapping everything from foods to electronics.


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