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Bridging the digital divide: Why travel apps need humans' help

Personal support and user opinions are crucial to ensuring local transport systems become more widely accessible.

As microscopic materials become more omnipresent, ensuring safety is key

Researchers in Europe are working to counter potential risks from nanomaterials used by a range of industries for technological advances.

Fishing sector reels in tech advantages as it pursues a green direction

Sensors, 'smart' buoys and high-tech traps can make fisheries in Europe more sustainable and profitable.

Microbes could help cut the need for chemical fertilisers

New coating protects nitrogen-fixing bacteria from heat and humidity, which could allow them to be deployed for large-scale agricultural use.

Laser set-up probes metamaterial structures with superfast pulses

The LIRAS technique could speed up the development of acoustic lenses, impact-resistant films, and other futuristic materials.

Revealed: A 3D printer that can watch itself fabricate objects

Computer vision enables contact-free 3D printing, letting engineers print with high-performance materials they couldn’t use before.


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