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Computational system streamlines the design of fluidic devices

This computational tool can generate an optimal design for a complex fluidic device such as a combustion engine or a hydraulic pump.

Backup portable battery system can charge your car and keep the lights on in your house for a week

It can also work on solar and power your house during a blackout.

Finnish and French cities Turku and Dijon lead the way on clean energy as they eye being climate neutral 20 years early

As Europe strives to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, Turku and Dijon are among a group of cities seeking to reach this goal two decades earlier.

Engineers grow 'perfect' atom-thin materials on industrial silicon wafers

Their technique could allow chip manufacturers to produce next-generation transistors based on materials other than silicon.

Revealed: How to push, wiggle, or drill something through sand

A method for quickly predicting the forces needed to push objects through soft, granular materials could help engineers drive robots or anchor ships.

An 18-month build: Engineers claim 'world's biggest' hexapod rideable robot

YouTubers Hacksmith Industries claim to have built the world’s biggest hexapod rideable robot called Megahex, according to a video posted by its makers recently.


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