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Biggest nuclear reactor in the world to make magnetic field 250,000 times more robust than Earth’s

ITER’s plasma current will peak at 15 million amperes, a record for tokamaks built anywhere in the world till date.

The floating wind farm that could power 50% of Stockholm

The turbines will have a maximum height of 360 metres, and the entire farm will cover an area of roughly 1,400 sq km according to the plan.

Common plastics could passively heat and cool buildings with the seasons

By restricting radiant heat flows between buildings and their environment to specific wavelengths, coatings engineered from common materials can achieve energy savings and thermal comfort that goes beyond what traditional building envelopes can achieve.

Catalyst unveils water's secret power in generating green hydrogen

A team of researchers report a new milestone for the sustainable production of green hydrogen through water electrolysis. Their new catalyst design harnesses so far unexplored properties of water to achieve, for the first time, an alternative to critical raw materials for water electrolysis at industrial-relevant conditions.

A female perfumer may have been the first chemist in history – here’s how scents science has changed

Perfume making dates back at least 3,000 years – to the time of Tapputi-belat-ekalle, who is considered the first chemist in history, writes Roberta Angioi, Dublin City University.

Wireless receiver stops interference to bring about more effective mobile device performance

This novel circuit architecture cancels out unwanted signals at the earliest opportunity.


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