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How 3D printing could prove to be the cornerstone to building new homes

The first owner-occupied 3D home was built in 2017 but they require manual fit-out for plumbing and electrics, writes former Engineers Ireland president Dr Chris Horn.

Impact on the ocean if we mine the deep sea? A question that’s increasingly important as interest in marine minerals rises

A new field study reveals a previously unobserved fluid dynamic process that is key to assessing impact of deep-sea mining operations.

Eagle eye: In-home wireless device tracks how disease is developing in Parkinson’s patients

By continuously monitoring a patient’s gait speed, the system can assess the condition’s severity between visits to the doctor’s office.

Why Europe's beer and wine industries are tapping into extra flavour and blockchain-based fraud prevention

Europe’s valuable wine and beer industries are working to retain their competitive edge with an expanded range of aromas and blockchain-based fraud prevention, and the Trinity College Dublin-led Aromagenesis project is focusing on understanding the genetics and biochemistry in yeast strains that are responsible for aromas and flavours in lagers and wine.

Integrated national data ecosystems: The next stage of digital transformation

More than two years of living with Covid-19 taught the world an important lesson: establishing a system for effectively managing data resources is a fundamental first step in providing a sustainable, secure, and prosperous future, write Declan Deasy, Varoslav Eferin and Oleg Petrov.

Building mathematical models to understand multifaceted, interdisciplinary engineering problems

Guy Bresler builds mathematical models to understand multifaceted, interdisciplinary engineering problems that have far-reaching applications.


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