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Identifying extremely impact-resistant materials quickly via a benchtop text

High-speed experiments can help identify lightweight, protective 'metamaterials' for spacecraft, vehicles, helmets, or other objects.

Study reveals how smart devices’ ambient light sensors pose an imaging privacy risk

The ambient light sensors responsible for smart devices’ brightness adjustments can capture images of touch interactions like swiping and tapping for hackers.

Advanced fabrication equipment to accelerate innovation in 'tough tech' sectors

The advanced fabrication tools will enable the next generation of microelectronics and microsystems while bridging the gap from the lab to commercialisation.

How symmetry can offer a helping hand to machine learning

Exploiting the symmetry within datasets, MIT researchers show, can decrease the amount of data needed for training neural networks.

How complex systems fail: Lessons from Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 crashes – Part I

A traditional approach to understanding Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 failures would result in us attempting to draw a line between cause and effect, beginning with the issues with the angle of attack sensors. But taking a complex systems approach, especially through the lens of the sand pile model, provides a more useful way of viewing these types of incidents, writes Dr Sean Brady in Part I of a two-part article.

Researchers produce artificial 'worm gut' that breaks down plastics

A team of scientists have developed an artificial 'worm gut' to break down plastics, offering hope for a nature-inspired method to tackle the global plastic pollution problem.


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