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FAO all engineers! Important update for those controlling, operating, and working on high-voltage apparatus

Engineers Ireland has created a ‘Practice Note’ to brief and guide engineers involved with high-voltage systems to be aware of the correct standards and controls that they should adhere to. This is important because there are significant safety implications, as high voltage failures can result in serious events like explosions and arc flashes – as in lightning inside a room.

My engineering life Q&A: Mike Griffin

Michael Griffin, who has just completed his term as chairperson of Engineers Ireland Thomond Region, is a graduate of the University of Galway and the University of Limerick. He has worked in various consultancy, engineering and management roles in multinationals such as Dell, Analog Devices and Onsemi over the past 25 years.

Impact of impending sustainability legislation on manufacturing SMEs: An analysis

Under the government's sectoral emissions ceilings announced last year, the manufacturing sector will have to achieve a 35% reduction in emissions by 2030, compared to the level of emissions in 2018, write Owen Humphreys and Denis Dowling.

Circular economy in road construction and maintenance – a risk-based analysis framework to facilitate procurement of innovative solutions

Implementation of the circular economy has the potential to play a significant role in limiting global climate change while providing regenerative design for generations to come, write Dr Emma Sheils and Lorcan Connolly. To achieve climate neutrality, synergies between the circular economy and carbon reduction need to be established in the context of highway infrastructure.

Stopping coastal erosion and how sand dunes may provide the answers

The management of these natural barriers through the ages could hold lessons for coping with climate change and rising sea levels today.

Game changer: The small nuclear reactor that can power 300,000 homes

'This is a game-changer technology,' says Westinghouse CEO. 'If the AP1000 had been in operation at Fukushima, it would have been a total non-event.'


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