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Digital manufacturing – a fertile landscape for Irish industry

With significant growth in the development and innovation of new technologies and data driven approaches, digitisation is now becoming an important economic indicator, a benchmark for future industrial development, and a key lever to competitiveness and enhanced economic resilience, writes Eoin McCarthy PhD.

Professional Indemnity Insurance annual renewal: Chore or opportunity?

After wages and premises costs, your annual PII cost is substantial, and will usually increase over time. PII is an essential insurance for those practising in the profession, to protect you, your business, and your clients, writes Peter O'Malley.

Artemis I and a return to the moon: Three questions

As Nasa launches Artemis I, experts weigh in on the importance of the mission to future space exploration.

The battle against misinformation: How social media users can be empowered to assess content

An experimental platform that puts moderation in the hands of its users shows that people do evaluate posts effectively and share their assessments with others.

Engineers solve conundrum on road to smaller and lighter batteries

Branch-like metallic filaments can sap the power of solid-state lithium batteries. A study explains how they form and how to divert them.

'2D' materials – and how they expand

A technique that accurately measures how atom-thin materials expand when heated could help engineers develop faster, more powerful electronic devices.


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