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Researchers create software and hardware for 4D printer with applications in biomedical field

In addition to 3D printing, the machine allows for controlling extra functions: programming the material's response so that shape-changing occurs under an external magnetic field, or changes in its electric properties develops under mechanical deformation. This opens the door to the design of soft robots or smart sensors and substrates that transmit signals to different cellular systems, among other applications.

Revealed: Viable superconducting material created at low temperature and low pressure

Researchers report the creation of a superconducting material at both a temperature and pressure low enough for practical applications. 

No longer seen as 'crazy engineers' for wanting to bring sails back to ships – but visionaries

'When we started, we were seen as crazy engineers for wanting to bring sails back to ships,' says aeronautical engineer Cristina Aleixendri, 'but when we speak to shipowners today, they tell us we’ll go back to wind and it will never be abandoned.'

Creating buildings that last: Five projects by 2023 Pritzker prize winner David Chipperfield that stand the test of time

Chipperfield’s driving ethos has always been to choose the tools needed for the project at hand. As opposed to the 'starchitect' impulse to create something iconic and instantly recognisable – to stamp their mark on a place – architecture, for him, is a vehicle to pursue civic and public good, even if that means 'almost disappearing' behind it.

How the test smart city in Oracle's UK lab is exploring the future of construction

Technology is driving rapid change across the project and asset lifecycle. From climbing robots and site sensors to virtual construction worlds, Oracle's UK lab is exploring what the industry's future could look like. The innovation lab helps organisations experiment, learn, and stay on the leading edge.

How titanic robots are helping to plough a sustainable path for farmers

FarmWise robots use artificial intelligence to cut out weeds while leaving crops untouched, eliminating the need for herbicides.


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