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Bridge of ayes: The Cody Dock footbridge that will roll, tilt or fold to let vessels pass

A hand powered, first-of-its-kind opening footbridge rolls in to reactivate East London’s Cody Dock.

Kilkenny's CAS bridge: Connecting the 'Marble city' for the future

Caroline Cavanagh looks at the development of a highly controversial bridge in the historic city of Kilkenny. 

How electric vehicles could tempt owners to earn extra cash via stored battery power

Needed to clean up road transport, battery-powered vehicles might also act as stored energy that the car owners could sell to electricity networks.

New generation of artificial hearts provides second chance to heart failure sufferers

Millions of people facing heart failure could benefit from new advances in artificial versions of the organ.

Robotic bees and roots could bring about healthier environment and food supply answers

Miniature robots that mimic living organisms are being developed to explore and support real-life ecosystems.

Why this engineer has eyes for enabling materials to build new tech rather than focusing on the end product

Associate professor Robert Macfarlane is uncovering design principles that allow researchers to fine-tune materials at many size scales.


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