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Revealed: The emergence of a new ally in the fight against soil pollution

The answer to cleaning up contaminated industrial sites in Europe could lie in the microbes that are already there.

Sunny times for renewables as EU researchers look to make hydrogen from solar rays and heat

As Europe turns increasingly to clean sources of energy, EU researchers are on a quest to make hydrogen from solar rays and heat.

Crisis management: EU reaps reward from from sharing emergency supplies and tapping into expertise

As disaster readiness climbs up the EU agenda, Professor Maarja Kruusmaa, a computer scientist with a research focus on underwater robotics, offers views on how Europe can harness its strengths.

At the coalface: To tackle wildfires, European researchers team up with frontline forces

The EU is seeking to limit growing threats from blazes through the use of satellites, artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The energy startup that's helping to bring sustainable and affordable electricity to all

MIT Energy Initiative spinoff Waya Energy helps countries work towards universal access to electricity.

How to to keep cloud-based gamers in sync

By synchronising media streams transmitted from the cloud to two devices, researchers could improve cloud gaming and AR/VR applications.


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