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Why CPD matters to me: TOBIN Consulting Engineers MD Ciaran McGovern

With regard to CPD, Ciaran McGovern says it's not just a case of 'change is the only constant in life', but that 'there are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen'.

Exploration of authentic teaching, learning, and assessment practice in CPD in the built environment: Part 1 – teaching and learning panel

The aim of the seminar was to explore authentic and appropriate teaching, learning, and assessment practice in CPD through a multidisciplinary and international lens, and to identify opportunities for learning enhancement in the built environment.

Behind the research: Roger Nagle

Intel's Roger Nagle gives a glimpse into his role as a researcher in residence.

Transport apps are being hailed as a sustainable alternative to driving – but they’re not female-friendly

In the UK, 15% of women report experiencing harassment on buses or trains – leading to higher use of private vehicles, which many women view as safe 'cocoons' for mobility. Sharing transport through a system known as 'Mobility as a Service' could help; if the sexes adopted it at the same rate, there would be a significant positive impact on the environment, with thousands of private cars no longer needed on roads, writes Maurizio Catulli.

From ‘biologically dead’ to chart-toppingly clean: How the Thames made an extraordinary recovery over 60 years

It might surprise you to know that the Thames is considered one of the world’s cleanest rivers running through a city. What’s even more surprising is that it reached that status just 60 years after being declared 'biologically dead' by scientists at London’s Natural History Museum. Yet despite this remarkable recovery, there’s no room for complacency – it still faces new and increasing threats from pollution, plastic and a rising population.

What lies beneath: How game-theory logic underpins many of our seemingly odd and irrational decisions

In a new book, a research management scientist examines how game-theory logic underpins many of our seemingly odd and irrational decisions.


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