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Innovation: Preserving the digital future of the forgotten format

Mere decades can render audio/video content inaccessible. We must ensure content is forever, writes former Engineers Ireland president Dr Chris Horn.

Smaller than a grain of sand, phytoplankton are key to aquatic health

Researchers are inching closer to revealing the elusive mechanisms that tiny marine species activate to transform organic contaminants in water into less toxic chemicals.

Could negative emissions actually help curb climate change?

Many future climate scenarios suggest that negative emissions will be needed to limit global warming. Researchers are now investigating how feasible this is.

'Operation Paperclip': The secret US operation to use Nazi scientists and engineers to win the Cold War

'Operation Paperclip' was the ultimate double-edged sword.

Japan's engineering solutions for future tsunami events

'Earthquake engineering' involves the development and installation of enormous building shock absorbers, sliding walls, and Teflon foundation pads – all of which help Japanese buildings withstand the immense stresses and strains imposed on them during violent events like earthquakes. Other solutions include huge sea walls and monstrous floodgates.

Pushing the limits of electronic circuits

Researcher seeks to develop next-generation electronic devices by harnessing terahertz waves.


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